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The Singapore Airlines Fleet

The Singapore Airlines A380

Singapore Airlines maintains a modern fleet of 103 aircraft. As of 1 April 2014, the average age of our fleet stands at six years and nine months - making it one of the world's youngest and most fuel efficient.


    Number of aircraft: 26 in fleet and 8 on order
    Number of seats: 285
    Length: 63.6m
    Wingspan: 60.3m
    Cruising speed: 0.82 Mach


    Number of aircraft: 19 in fleet and 5 on order
    Number of seats: 471 (409 for all-Business Class upper deck configuration)
    Length: 72.7m
    Wingspan: 79.8m
    Cruising speed: 0.85 Mach


    Number of aircraft: 29 (including 4 B777-200ER, 9 retrofitted B777-200ER, 5 B777-200, 11 retrofitted B777-200)
    Number of seats: 288 in 3-class config; 323 in 2-class config; (285 in 200ER, 271 in retrofitted B777-200ER, 266 in retrofitted B777-200)
    Length: 63.7m
    Wingspan: 60.9m
    Cruising speed: 0.84 Mach


    Number of aircraft: 29 (including 22 B777-300ER, 7 retrofitted B777-300) in fleet and 5 on order
    Number of seats: 278 in 300ER, 284 in retrofitted B777-300
    Length: 73.9m
    Wingspan: 60.9m (64.8m for 300ER)
    Cruising speed: 0.84 Mach

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