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  • Line Walker

    Line Walker

    Line Walker (Traditional Chinese: 使徒行者; literally "Apostle Walker") (Chinese: 使徒行者; Jyutping: si3 tou4 hang4 ze2) is a 2014 Hong Kong crime thriller drama produced by TVB, starring Michael Miu, Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam as the main leads with Sharon Chan, Benz Hui, Elena Kong, Sammy Sum, Oscar Leung and Toby Leung in main supporting roles.

    The drama follows the lives of undercover police agents that must live a double life in secrecy. Not knowing when they can return to their normal life they endure the constant fear of being uncovered by those they are assigned to infiltrate. But their lives are also put in danger when it is discovered that there is a mole within the police who works for the criminals.