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What to do in Manado - Diving


Only the most strident aquaphobes could look at the crystalline waters that lap up to Manado Bay and not want to jump in. As a result, the city is awash with diving schools and clubs, catering to practitioners of all levels. Eco Divers, for instance offers basic diving classes for US$89, with the priciest open-water courses going for US$399. Thalassa, another of the most respected outlets, offers a three-nights-and-four-dives all-inclusive package for just north of US$500, while arguably the most variable rates come at Odyssea Divers. With such a range of places to shop around, there really is something to suit divers of every level.

What to do in Manado - Take a trip to Bunaken

Take a trip to Bunaken

Less than an hour away from Manado Harbour by boat, they say Bunaken has seven times more coral than Hawaii, spread over a vast, mainly nautical national park. Diving is, of course, a huge draw here, with a huge amount of marine life that is not to be found anywhere else in the world. That said, there are plenty of hiking trails to enjoy here (many finishing with a snorkel, naturally), which make it an ideal getaway for lovers of the outdoor life.

Go fishing

There are numerous ways to take to the waters around Manado: you can rent a boat and equipment from a local fisherman, if you wish to do it on a budget. Companies on Marina Pier rent boats by the day for around US$95, or for those looking to splash out, you can spend upwards of US$3,800 with the likes of Big Game Indonesia to spend five days trying to conquer the beasts of the open sea.

Trek in the jungle

Sulawesi Island is known as one of the “lungs of the world”, with the gaseous exchange among the many tropical forests providing the air for the rest of us to breathe. Various companies – most notably Manado Adventure and Adventure Indonesia – offer trekking trips to numerous locations and of varying degrees of difficulty. A three-day trek through Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park, for instance, allows you to see various native birds and monkeys, waterfalls and palm trees. Those fancying themselves as a bit of a Bear Grylls can try jungle survival training, which provides a crash course in staying alive, teaching you which plants you can safely eat, how to obtain water from plants and how to build temporary shelters.

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