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Where to eat in Surabaya - Layar


Specialising in fresh seafood and Chinese delicacies, Layar has been feeding Surabaya’s hungry crowds since first opening its doors in 1999. Select your catch from one of the large tanks that line the restaurant’s entrance before proceeding inside to specify the preparation method. Alternatively, head straight to one of the tables and order from the menu.

Insider Tip: The restaurant’s kepiting telur asin, or salted egg crab, is legendary. The dish is prepared with duck eggs soaked in either salt brine or salted charcoal.

Where to eat in Surabaya - Sarkies


Located in the historic Hotel Majapahit, Sarkies is named after the two brothers who opened the hotel in 1910. The fine dining restaurant serves top-notch Chinese cuisine in elegant 1930s-period decor. Some of the more outstanding dishes on the varied menu include Peking duck, bi fon tang prawns and a vast selection of dim sum.

Insider Tip: Don't miss the impressive collection of antique clocks on one of the restaurant's walls.

Where to eat in Surabaya - Depot Gudeg Bu Har

Depot Gudeg Bu Har

One of the best Indonesian restaurants in the city, Gudeg Bu Har serves a wide variety of dishes from across the archipelago. One of them is the Surabaya version of gudeg, a sweet jackfruit stew that originated in the neighbouring city of Yogjakarta. Other treats on the menu include mie goreng Jawa (Javanese fried noodles), nasi rawon (beef soup served with rice) and rujak (fruit and vegetable salad).

Insider Tip: Gudeg is made from unripe jackfruit boiled with coconut milk, palm sugar and various spices.

Where to eat in Surabaya - Citrus Lee

Citrus Lee

Citrus Lee's imaginative French fusion creations are guaranteed to stop any self-respecting gourmand in their tracks. The meals here come as sets, complete with palate cleansers and a variety of bouche (bite-size hors d'oeuvres). Indulge your tastebuds with the seared duck foie gras served with apricot vanilla puree and star anise or try the marinated oven-roasted seabass with sesame miso and black truffle-infused soy corn coulis.

Insider Tip: Citrus Lee's proprietor and chef Hendry Sedjahtera studied under the famous French chef Guy Savoy in Paris.

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