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Shenzhen is perhaps the perfect example of how China has risen so quickly as a world power. Before 1979 when it became a special economic zone to attract foreign investment, the city was nothing more than a fishing village called Baoan County. Today, Shenzhen is a bustling metropolis of 15 million people and a manufacturing and consumer electronics giant.

Admittedly, the city has only a few historical attractions to offer, but it does have several interesting themed parks. Being an immigrant city, Shenzhen's food scene is a vibrant one. Travellers can find all sorts of Chinese cuisines in this city – with the predominant one being Cantonese – in addition to a good number of Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Western restaurants.

What to do

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Window of the World

Visit the Shenzhen Window of the World, a park filled with replicas of famous landmarks around the world including the Egyptian py...


Water Cube Spa Palace

Pamper yourself with a spa session at the ginormous Water Cube massage parlour. You can even spend a night there in their private ...


OCT Contemporary Art Terminal

Visit the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, a modern gallery showcasing some of China's most cutting-edge designs. The gallery occasi...


Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

Have a picnic and ride a catamaran at the beautiful Fairy Lake Botanical Garden.


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