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iThe world at your fingertips

The world at your fingertips

Surf, tweet, or send a text message on your own mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Thanks to our partnership with SITAONAIR and Panasonic, we’re able to connect you to the ground even while you’re 30,000 feet in the air. The convenience of inflight connectivity is offered on our Airbus A380, A350 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.  Our cabin crew will play a video if connectivity services are available on your flight.

Learn more about Internet Access

Learn more about Inflight Text / Data Roaming

Internet Access

Internet Access

Price plans

Depending on the WiFi service provider and aircraft type of your flight, price plans provided may be either volume-based or time-based sessions.  The price plans will be reflected on the onboard WiFi portal.

Volume-based price plans are only valid on the flight sector they’re purchased. Therefore, a volume-based price plan purchased on SQ12 from Singapore to Tokyo (Narita) can’t be used on the next sector of the same flight from Tokyo (Narita) to Los Angeles.

When you purchase an inflight WiFi plan, a summary of your purchase will be sent to you via email.


To access the Internet through WiFi, simply:

  • Enable WiFi on your smart phone, tablet or laptop, and connect to the 'KrisWorld' or ‘OnAir’ network. (Our cabin crew will let you know which network is available on your flight.)
  • Launch your web browser to display the onboard portal.
  • Choose your preferred price plan, and log in or create a new account.
  • Enter your credit card details and confirm your purchase.  You are now online!

FAQs on Internet Access

Inflight Text / Data Roaming

Inflight Text / Data Roaming

Price plans

Your mobile service provider must have a roaming agreement with our connectivity service provider, OnAir or AeroMobile.

Roaming charges are determined by your local mobile service provider, and will be reflected in your mobile phone bill. Please check your mobile service provider’s roaming rates before you fly.

Current Promotions

Singtel, StarHub and M1 Mobile Customers can now enjoy more savings!

Enjoy unlimited data at just SGD 29 for 24 hours with:

- Singtel on selected aircraft with OnAir and AeroMobile connectivity services.

Enjoy unlimited data at just SGD 25 per day* with:

- StarHub and M1 on selected aircraft with OnAir and AeroMobile connectivity services.


* Please note that the timer resets daily at 00:00 hours (Singapore time, GMT +8).

Find out more about the Singtel, StarHub and M1 promotions

To send a Text or use Data Roaming on board, simply:

  • Ensure that your phone is not set to Airplane or Flight mode. Enable cellular data on your phone’s network settings, and connect to the ‘OnAir’ or ‘AeroMobile’ network. (Our cabin crew will let you know which network is available on your flight.)
  • Reply to the welcome message with the case-sensitive code.
  • Enter + followed by the country code and phone number to send your message.
  • Enable data roaming to send multimedia messages, or access data services through your mobile service provider.

Companion App

Companion App

What can I do with Companion App?

The free SingaporeAir mobile app brings you a whole new way to enjoy KrisWorld. Discover what is playing on KrisWorld even before you step onboard, shortlist your favourite movies, TV or music to your Favourites list and control the media playback right from your personal electronic device.



By linking your Android or iOS device to your seat, you can now:

- View the current flight path and location on your device

- Check out updated flight information on your device

- Browse the movies, TV, and music available onboard in full detail. While you watch a movie on the seat monitor, you can find out more about what’s playing, or plan what to enjoy next!

- Save your favourite movies, TV or music to a personal Favourites list on your device for easy reference and playback.

- Remotely launch and control movies, TV shows and music from your saved Favourites, or directly from the KrisWorld listings on your device.



Simply download the free SingaporeAir mobile app from Google Play or App Store to enjoy these features.

*Feature available on A350 and selected B777-300ER aircraft


In-seat Telephone

In-seat Telephone

Get in touch with a loved one, close a business deal or make a business reservation at your destination – all with the touch of a button. A personal in-seat telephone lets you to make calls via a global satellite network. Calls are US$0.59 per six-second block (with a minimum charge of US$5.90 for the initial minute). 

Seat-to-seat calls are available for free.

USB Ports

USB Ports

On the Airbus A380, Airbus A330-300 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, plug a thumb drive to play music and scroll through your photos with the USB media player and photo viewer.

In-seat Power Supply

The in-seat power supply we provide varies across different aircraft.

AircraftType of power supplyClass of travel
Airbus A380 110V AC (Universal adaptor required)
All classes
Airbus A350
110V AC
All classes
Airbus A330-300 110V AC All classes
Boeing 777-300ER 110V AC (Universal adaptor required) All classes
Selected Boeing 777 110V AC (Supports Australian, Japanese, and US 2/3-pin and European 2-pin plugs; universal adaptor required for other plugs) First and Business Class
Other Boeing 777 15V DC (EmPower-approved adaptor required) First and Business Class

In-seat power supply

For safety reasons, you’re advised to disconnect your laptop from the power supply when installing peripherals.

We’re unable to offer sufficient power supply for personal medical equipment. All such equipment must be battery-powered.


Audio-Video (AV) input

On the Airbus A330-300 aircraft, connect your personal portable player and watch your videos on the widescreen monitor.