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What to do in Da Nang - Find your favourite stretch of China Beach

Find your favourite stretch of China Beach

A beautiful 30km-long sweep of sand, China Beach has entered popular culture through numerous Vietnam War film references and a US TV drama named after it. Despite all the hotel development you see, it’s still a great place to suntan, swim, and surf, particularly from September through to December. To show it respect, call it My Khe, My An, Non Nuoc, An Bang or Cua Dai – its various Vietnamese names.

Ride the longest and highest cable car in the world

Pegged from near sea level to the top of the Ba Na Hill station, this non-stop single-track cable car is nearly 6km long and takes 25 minutes to reach an elevation of 1,485m. When the mist blankets the hills – which it does – you can fly high above the clouds. Alternatively, wait until the clouds disperse later in the day for a dramatic sunset.

What to do in Da Nang - Marvel at the Marble Mountains

Marvel at the Marble Mountains

A cluster of five marble and limestone crags located south of the city, these geologically-spectacular hills are home to several Buddhist and Hindu cave grottoes and they are crowned by stunning pagodas. A stairway of 156 steps leads to the summit of Thuy Son, the highest and most famous. On your way back down, haggle with the hawkers for their hand-carved marble souvenirs.

Ogle at Cham artefacts

Prepare to be wowed. The fabulous Museum of Cham Artefacts, founded in 1915, houses the largest collection of Cham-era artworks in the world – all of it dating from the fifth to the 15th centuries. With 300 priceless examples on show, so make sure you have plenty of time to see them all.

What to do Da Nang - Learn about a new religion

Learn about a new religion

If you spot a divine all-seeing eye painted on walls throughout your Vietnam travels, here’s why: it’s the symbol of Caodaism, a monotheistic religion that only began in Vietnam in the mid-1920s. Despite this, the religion still has millions of followers, with one of Vietnam’s biggest pilgrimage spots, the Cao Dai Temple, offering enlightenment to 50,000-plus followers every week.

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