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One of the world's most livable cities, green and gregarious Munich is a city of culture as well as capital.

Munich is not all beer halls and BMWs, not by any means, but it’s reassuring to know that in evolving, Bavaria’s capital has kept hold of its defining features. It treasures the things that make it special and unique. So yes, beer making and car building remain part of the city’s identity, just like the opera and the opulent baroque palaces of long dead kings.

But all that history is only part of a story that has no ending. Contemporary Munich is wrapped up in writing the rest, in between trips to trendy vegetarian restaurants, attending exhibitions at modern art museums or surfing urban waves in one of its sprawling green parks. It’s a busy place, full of busy people, but the locals aren’t afraid to let loose or let their hair down. This is today’s Munich, after all, and it’s anything and everything it wants to be.