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Palembang is one of Indonesia’s oldest settlements, and a city with a history as rich as it is long. Palembang was once the capital of the vast Buddhist kingdom of Srivijaya, which covered swathes of modern-day Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The millennia since have seen it changed hands on numerous occasions, with Indian and Dutch conquerors leaving behind their architectural legacy.

The second-largest city in Sumatra has reappeared on the map in recent years, with the government’s successful bid to host the South-east Asian Games and subsequent investment in new hotels and facilities making Palembang more attractive to tourists. Seasoned Indonesian travellers may be surprised by how many idiosyncratic charms are to be found in Palembang, a city that prides itself on its wealth of indigenous cuisines and culture.

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What to do

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Shop at the bazaars

For a true taste of the hustle and bustle of Sumatran commerce, visit the bazaar at Pasar 16 Ilir, where you can shop for all kind...


Try the local cuisine

The most famous of Palembang’s local foods is the pempek, a kind of savoury fishcake usually made with Spanish mackerel and served...


See the sporting legacy

Palembang co-hosted the 2011 South-east Asian Games with Jakarta, an event that led to much-needed regeneration and investment in ...


Hang out on the waterfront

The arterial Musi River flows right through the middle of Palembang and is central to most aspects of the city’s culture and tradi...


Visit Sembilang National Park

It’s common for visitors to Palembang to make the approximately four-hour pilgrimage to the incredible nature reserve at Sembilang...


Where to eat

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What to eat in Palembang - Pempek Lince

Pempek Lince

Sample traditional fishcake at Pempek Lince. Run by an older Chinese couple, a visit here is likely to be as cosy as a trip to your grandmother’s.

What to eat in Palembang - Rumah Makan Pindang Musi Rawas

Rumah Makan Pindang Musi Rawas

For those interested in the real deal when it comes to local Sumatran Pindang cuisine, the RM Pindang Musi Rawas is the place to go.

What to eat in Palembang - La Vita Bella Casual Dining Palembang

La Vita Bella Casual Dining Palembang

With few options for Western cuisine in the city of Palembang, La Vita Bella is a lovely change of pace from the usual Indonesian cuisine.

What to eat in Palembang - RM Pagi Sore Palembang

RM Pagi Sore Palembang

Pagi Sore is one of the best places around to sample “Padang food”, the culinary tradition of the Minangkabau people.


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