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What to do in Fukuoka - Ohori Park

Collection of Asian art

Enjoy the works of Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein and a venerable collection of Asian art at the Fukuoka Art Museum in Ohori Park.

What to do in Fukuoka - Canal City

Retail therapy

Get retail therapy in the huge Canal City entertainment and shopping complex. Spread over five floors, visitors will find more than 250 shops, restaurants and cafés as well as a multiplex cinema, game centres and more.

Gokoku Shrine

Escape the crowds and unwind for a while at the Gokoku Shrine. Pass under the 13m-high wooden shrine gate, the largest in Japan, and get some air strolling under the abundance of trees.

What to do in Fukuoka - Fukuoka street food

Fukuoka street food stalls

Sample a selection of Fukuoka’s famous dishes at the evening street food stalls known as “Yatai”. Order grilled chicken and sake on the water’s edge at Nakasu Island where long lines of yatai are busy cooking into the early hours of the morning.

What to do in Fukuoka - Fukuoka Castle

Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Visit the Fukuoka Castle Ruins in Maizuru Park. Although relatively little remains of the castle, just a few walls and turrets, it’s a beautiful place with walking trails and several viewpoints. Between March and April it’s one of the best places in the city to enjoy the pink splendour of the famous cherry blossom trees.

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