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Houston is a city of distinction. It’s the Energy Capital of the World, has the world’s largest medical centre, and famously put the first man on the moon. Now, America’s fourth largest city is staking its claim as the most exciting metropolis in the country.

Long known for oil-baron opulence, mega highways and concrete sprawl, H-town is a city reborn. Now, it's a cultural and culinary powerhouse where its inhabitants – the most diverse in the nation – mingle in pedestrian-friendly areas brimming with greenery, forward-looking architecture, restored historic structures and innovative public art. For travellers, this could mean waking up to a free yoga class on Discovery Green, browsing world-class museums, unrolling a blanket on a hillside to catch a free (yes, free) evening opera performance, then unwinding with dinner and drinks at one of the country’s best bars. And you won’t even have scratched the surface.

So pack your bags, leave your preconceptions at home and see why Houston now claims the title of the coolest place in Texas – which is just another distinction that has been won by this incomparable city.