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It takes a lot to make this jungle outpost in the far south-west corner of Borneo seem crowded. Hemmed in by huge swathes of untouched virgin rainforest, the Sarawak capital seems a million miles from anywhere – a long way in spirit and personality from south-east Asia’s great bustling metropolises. By comparison, sleepy Kuching can be explored in a day – but therein lies its subtle charms.

Cat City, as locals have affectionately nicknamed it, amply rewards those who are happy to flit from bold, colourful Chinese temples to Indian-era mosques hidden away on backstreets. It has a British influence, too – that’s in part thanks to its former ruler James Brooke, an English adventurer whose exploits helping the Bruneian Empire of which Sarawak was once part, made him the first White Rajah of the state. This gives it a somewhat unexpected multi-cultural, cosmopolitan air.

Those with a desire to get themselves out into the wilderness like Brooke once did needn’t look far. Within an easy day trip you can escape to Robinson Crusoe-esque beaches, unchartered national parks like Bako or Kubah, or bundle yourself into a 4x4 for a penetrating drive into the heart of headhunter territory in the Borneo jungle. Deep among the lush, green trees, you may even find yourself coming face to face with an orangutan. It’s that kind of place.

What to do

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Spend some time with the city’s favourite animal

Cats are everywhere in Kuching, and we don’t just mean the domestic household variety. As Kuching literally translates to “cat” in...


Travel back in time

The Sarawak State Museum – built in 1888 and the oldest museum in Borneo – is a one-stop shop for everything you could ever wish t...


Take the slow boat into the mangroves

Tiny putt-putting sampans ferry locals across the Sungai Sarawak river. They’re an essential experience – especially while crisscr...

What to do in Kuching - Meet the king of the swingers  

Meet the king of the swingers


Swap mobile numbers with a (former) headhunter

Overnight jungle trips to stay with indigenous tribes of the fearsome headhunters may not be the otherworldly, primordial proposit...


Where to eat

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Where to eat in Kuching - Lim Hock Ann Seafood

Lim Hock Ann Seafood

With a seafront, estuary view, this low-key restaurant is popular with locals who come for huge plates of prawns, oysters, and rarer delicacies like bamboo clams.

Where to eat in Kuching - Jambu


The menu at Jambu is heavy with fusion cuisine, served with a French flourish and a 1920s ambience courtesy of the jazz soundtrack.

Where to eat in Kuching - Bla Bla Bla

Bla Bla Bla

A fusion of inventive dishes – think sugarcane chicken or ostrich meat stuffed with mozzarella – this restaurant is very on trend.


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