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Taxes, Service Fees and Charges


For list of taxes, fees and charges, please click here.


Government Taxes


Taxes, fees and charges are imposed on air transportation by government authorities. Taxes and fees are subject to change at the discretion of each country’s government and may be adjusted for inflation and/or currency fluctuation. You may also be required to pay taxes, fees and charges not already collected.


Reservations and Ticketing Service Fees


A service fee is chargeable for reservation and ticketing services provided by Singapore Airlines staff.

For US Customers contacting Singapore Airlines US offices, a service fee of USD50 will apply.

For customers (including US customers) contacting Singapore Airlines in other countries, a service fee specific to the country (ranging from USD 25 to USD 75) will apply.

For customers (including US customers) contacting Singapore Airlines in South Africa, a service fee (ranging from USD 100 to USD 400) will apply.


Excess Baggage Fees


Excess baggage fees are chargeable if the checked baggage exceeds SQ’s free checked baggage allowance. Please click here for more information. 


Paid Preferred Seats


Preferred Seats are seats with more legroom in Economy Class. During seat selection, customer may choose to purchase a preferred seat at a fee starting from USD 20. For more details, please refer to the webpage on Economy Class Preferred Seats.


Pet Transportation


Pets - together with their containers - will be counted towards your baggage allowance. Please refer to our 'Special baggage charges' page for more information on the charges.

If you are transiting in Singapore between two Singapore Airlines flights, a transshipment fee of SGD50.00 (or its equivalent) is applicable.


Codeshare Flights


Singapore Airlines operates certain flights in conjunction with codeshare partners, whose fees may vary.  For fees applicable to Singapore Airlines codeshare flights operated by carriers other than Singapore Airlines, see the website of the operating carrier.

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