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KrisFlyer Terms and Conditions

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A. Membership

Upon acceptance of the membership application by Singapore Airlines Limited (”Singapore Airlines”), the member is bound by the award and redemption structures as well as the Terms and Conditions of the KrisFlyer programme.  A member who is twelve years or below will act through his/her legal guardian.  If an application for membership by a person under the age of twelve years is not by his legal guardian, Singapore Airlines will accept the applicant’s parent as his guardian upon his/her undertaking that he/she is the legal guardian.

1. Membership in the KrisFlyer programme is open to any person aged two years and above except where the programme is prohibited by law. The applicant shall not be eligible if he/she already has an existing and valid KrisFlyer membership account.

2. Singapore Airlines reserves the right to reject any application for membership.

3. Artificial persons such as corporations and other legal entities are not eligible for KrisFlyer membership.

4. Membership enrolment fee is waived until further notice.

5. A KrisFlyer account is the specified member and cannot be transferred to any other individual(s). Membership, including the KrisFlyer membership card, status credits (Elite miles, PPS Value), KrisFlyer miles and other KrisFlyer benefits are not transferable.

6. Enrolment of several persons in a single account (i.e., a joint account) and multiple enrolments by the same individual at any point in time is not allowed.

7. A member under twelve years of age will be represented by his/her legal guardian. This guardian will be the authorised representative of the member and may do anything in relation to the KrisFlyer Account that the member could do himself/herself.

8. The member will receive a permanent KrisFlyer Membership Card after making the first qualifying KrisFlyer transaction. The KrisFlyer Membership Card is personal and non-transferable. The membership card is the property of Singapore Airlines and must be returned upon request or termination of membership.

9. General Member Obligations
The applicant must act fairly and reasonably in all matters connected with his/her application and (if the application is accepted by Singapore Airlines) the KrisFlyer membership. The member’s obligations are as follows (where the applicant/member is a minor, the guardian will ensure that the KrisFlyer applicant/member fulfills these obligations):

i. Not give Singapore Airlines any incorrect or incomplete information in connection with the application or membership and promptly inform Singapore Airlines if such information changes.

ii. Not in any way sell, barter, attempt to transfer or otherwise deal with any KrisFlyer benefits [including and not limited to KrisFlyer miles, status credits (Elite miles, PPS Value) and any other KrisFlyer benefits] connected with the membership and not abuse or misuse any KrisFlyer benefits.

iii. Not act dishonestly or in any manner that is unacceptable to Singapore Airlines in relation to the membership.

iv. Notify Singapore Airlines of any discrepancies in the membership account concerning any transaction within three months after that transaction. Regularly check the membership account to confirm that KrisFlyer miles and status credits (Elite miles, PPS Value) have been properly credited.  Singapore Airlines is not obliged to correct any under-crediting of miles that is not brought to its notice within the three-month period.  Any overcrediting of miles may be corrected by Singapore Airlines at any time, even after the three-month period.

v. Give Singapore Airlines any information that Singapore Airlines requests in order to verify eligibility for any member benefits, which includes (without limitation) copies of boarding passes, receipts and similar documentation, hotel bills and car rental agreements.

vi. Quote the KrisFlyer membership number if requested, as a precondition of any activity which may result in the member’s claim to KrisFlyer miles, status credits (Elite miles, PPS Value) or other member benefits.

vii. Keep the member’s KrisFlyer membership number and password secure and confidential and not disclose them to any person other than, where applicable, a guardian.

viii. Where the applicant/member is a minor, take steps to ensure the guardian deals with the KrisFlyer membership and membership account in accordance with the terms and conditions.

10. To maintain the KrisFlyer membership, the member will allow Singapore Airlines to collect, use and disclose his/her personal data in order to fulfil the following purposes:

i. To provide the member with membership status updates and other account-related information;

ii. To facilitate membership-related transactions and services;

iii. To market and communicate to the member information on SIA and KrisFlyer promotions, contests, events, and lucky draws, including those conducted by KrisFlyer programme partners;

iv. To contact the member on product and customer-related surveys and market research; and

v. Any other purpose as listed in the SIA Privacy Policy at

In connection with the above, some of the member’s personal data may be disclosed to Singapore Airlines’ suppliers, service providers and other partner companies in the programme for membership and flight transaction related purposes and customer servicing. The data collected will be used for direct marketing purposes by only Singapore Airlines and only if the member has given prior consent to Singapore Airlines to receive such marketing materials. A member who has given consent may subsequently instruct Singapore Airlines not to use his/her personal data for such marketing purposes by submitting a request in writing via our online feedback form, or by logging into to update their Communication Preferences.

11. Any change in name, date of birth or gender on the member's record will be accepted upon written notification to Singapore Airlines by the member. The member shall submit the relevant legal documents as proof of change. Other changes to personal data, such as a change in residential or email address, may be made online at

12. An account with inaccurate and/or incomplete personal data shall be closed at the sole discretion of Singapore Airlines.

13. A KrisFlyer account will be closed after 39 months from the date of the last recorded activity. A KrisFlyer account that has been inactive for a period of 18 months from the date of commencement of membership will also be closed.

14. Singapore Airlines reserves the right to (a) suspend, (b) permanently exclude the member from further participation in, or (c) terminate his/her membership in KrisFlyer and/or PPS Club upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

i. In the sole opinion of Singapore Airlines, the member has misbehaved on any flight (whether or not a Singapore Airlines flight) or at any airline premises or at any airport. Misbehaviour includes but is not limited to verbal or physical abuse of an airline employee or airline agent or a passenger, destruction or damage to property on any aircraft or at airline premises, or at any airport.

ii. Singapore Airlines bans the member from its flights or the member is banned from the flights of any associated Singapore Airlines airline permanently or for a specified period of time.

iii. The member has contravened any term or rule of membership of KrisFlyer and/or PPS Club.

iv. The member has breached any of Singapore Airlines' Conditions of Carriage.

v. In the sole and exclusive opinion of Singapore Airlines, the member has acted dishonestly or in any manner that is unacceptable to Singapore Airlines in relation to his/her membership.

If the membership is suspended, member will not be able to use any miles and status credits (including but not limited to Elite miles, PPS Value and Reserve Value) accrued. Due to the predetermined validity of accrued miles and status credits, these status credits may expire during the suspension period. Provided the status credits have not expired, the member may use the remaining valid miles and status credits once the suspension of the membership is lifted. In addition, the member and his or her supplementary card member will be unable to enjoy PPS Club and KrisFlyer benefits. If the member is permanently excluded from membership or has his/her membership terminated in KrisFlyer and/or the PPS Club, any miles and PPS Value accrued shall be revoked and forfeited without compensation. Whether the member is suspended or permanently excluded or the membership is terminated, the member shall be liable for all damages, litigation and other associated costs.

15. KrisFlyer reserves the right to audit the member’s account at any time for compliance with the programme's Terms and Conditions without prior notice being given.

16. A member may terminate the KrisFlyer membership at any time by submitting written notification and returning the membership card to Singapore Airlines. Upon receipt of the notification, any outstanding miles, benefits and privileges will be forfeited.

17. Membership will terminate immediately upon death of the member. Miles earned but not redeemed at the time of death, as well as benefits and privileges, will be automatically forfeited on the death of the member. Miles do not constitute personal property and may not be bequeathed or otherwise treated as personal property.

B. Earning miles
C. Using miles
D. KrisFlyer Elite Silver, KrisFlyer Elite Gold and PPS Club membership
E. Redemption group nominations
F. Singapore Airlines and SilkAir redemption and upgrade awards
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H. Personal identification number (PIN)
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