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Make your bid for an enhanced travel experience

Get there in greater style and comfort. Bid for an upgrade to Premium Economy to enjoy more legroom, more food and beverage choices, as well as priority check-in and baggage handling. Best of all, you set a price you’re comfortable paying. You’ll only be charged if your bid is successful.

How it works

Make your bid within 7 days

Make your bid within 7 days

If your flight is eligible, you’ll receive an invitation to bid seven days before departure. Bids must be paid with your credit card, and lie within a range.

It's okay to change your mind

It's okay to change your mind

You can make, change or cancel your bid up to 50 hours before departure.

The results are in

The results are in

If your bid is successful, we’ll let you know 48 hours before departure. You’ll only be charged if your bid is the winning one.

Bid now and enjoy
  • More room to stretch with a 38” seat pitch
  • A gourmet experience with our Premium Economy Book the Cook menu
  • Priority check-in and baggage handling

Is your flight eligible for an upgrade?


General questions

Why should I bid for an upgrade?

With mySQupgrade, you can upgrade your seat at a price of your choosing. The entire bidding process is done online at your convenience. If your bid is unsuccessful, you won’t be charged, and you’ll retain your original seat.

What happens if my bid to upgrade is successful?

Congratulations! You’ll now fly on Premium Economy Class with wider food and beverage options, increased baggage allowance, as well as priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling. The fare conditions of your booking won’t change, and any accrual of KrisFlyer miles and Elite miles will be based on your original booking.

Invitations to bid

How do I get invited to bid?

Invitations are made at Singapore Airlines’ sole discretion based on certain criteria and a combination of factors, which are dynamic. To stand a chance of being invited, please ensure that your e-mail address is correctly indicated when making a booking so that we are able to contact you if you are eligible.

Alternatively, you may check your eligibility in the search widget above by entering your booking reference number and last name.

I have received an invitation to bid. Are all of my flights eligible for bidding?

Not all flights in your booking are eligible for bidding. Eligibility is decided at Singapore Airlines’ sole discretion, and eligible flights will be detailed in an e-mail you will receive. For example, if a flight is not operated by Singapore Airlines, or you do not have a confirmed reservation for a particular flight, those flights will not be eligible for bidding.

I’ve received an invitation to bid. But when I click on “Get upgraded” in the email, why do I see “Not eligible for upgrade” on the offer page?Seat availability in  the upgraded cabin class is updated in real time, hence it may change between the time the invitation to bid is sent and when you click on “Get upgraded”. Seats may become available again, so if you’d like you can try clicking on “Get upgraded” up to 50 hours before departure.
Why did someone else in my booking receive an invitation to bid but not me?Invitations to bid are sent to one e-mail address within the eligible booking. Although you did not receive the invitation to bid through your own e-mail address, the person who receives the invitation will be submitting a bid on behalf of everyone in that booking.
Can I make changes to my original booking after receiving an invitation?Bids are only valid for the specific flight/date indicated in the invitation email. If you make changes to the flight in your original booking, the bid that you submitted will be forfeited and you will not be charged. Bids submitted for other segments will not be affected.
How can I stop receiving invitations to bid?Click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the upgrade invitation e-mail to stop receiving invitations to bid.

Submitting a bid

How do I select the amount I would like to bid?

Move the slider (click and drag left or right) to indicate your bid amount.

Is there a minimum amount I must bid?Each flight has an assigned minimum and maximum bid value. All bids have to lie between these two values. The minimum bid value is the lowest eligible bid that will be considered.
Can I change my bid amount or cancel my bid after I have submitted it?Yes, you may do so up to 50 hours prior to the departure of each eligible flight. To change or cancel your bid, click the “View / modify / cancel” link in your bid confirmation e-mail. You can then either click on the “Modify” button or “Cancel offer” link to modify or cancel your offer.
If the strength meter shows “Strong” or “Excellent” does that mean that my bid will be successful?The strength meter provides an indication of the strength of your bid, but does not mean that your bid will necessarily be successful. The success of a bid is subject to seat availability, and is decided at Singapore Airlines’ sole discretion.
How can I increase the chance of my bid’s success?To maximise your chance of being upgraded, consider bidding the highest amount you're willing to pay. The success of a bid is decided at Singapore Airlines’ sole discretion.
Can I see the average amount of previous successful bids?No, this information is not shown when submitting a bid. Do consider bidding the highest amount you're willing to pay.
Is the bid amount for one or all passengers in my booking?The bid you make on the offer page is on a “per passenger” basis, but it will be applicable to all passengers in the booking when submitted.
How do I know how many passengers I am submitting a bid for?During the offer process, the applicable number of passengers will be shown under the “Your offer(s)” section. This should match the number of passengers in your booking.
Can I submit a bid to upgrade if I am travelling with a child?Yes, you may, as long as the child is not an infant. Do note that you can submit only one bid for all passengers in your booking, including any child, and that the bid amount for all passengers will be the same.
What should I do if I have multiple flights eligible for bidding in my booking, and I do not want to submit a bid for some flights?Bidding is done separately for each flight in your booking, so you should move the bid slider to the far left until you see “No offer” for the flights you do not wish to make a bid for. Doing so indicates that you do not wish to make a bid for those flights, and a bid for those flights will not be submitted.
Is there a time limit to submit a bid?The offer window closes 50 hours prior to the departure of each eligible flight. Please note that changes can be made up until this time, even if you have already submitted a bid.
Are there any alternative means to submit my bid?

No, all bids must be submitted online, accessed via the e-mail invite or website. 

Paying for an upgrade

What forms of payment are accepted?We accept American Express, Mastercard and Visa credit cards.
Do you accept payment with KrisFlyer miles?Payment with KrisFlyer miles is currently not accepted. You can perform a redemption upgrade with miles by logging in to your KrisFlyer account and accessing your booking.
Can I pay with two different credit cards?No, each bid you submit can only be paid for using one credit card.
Will I be charged anything if my bid is unsuccessful?Payment will only be deducted from your credit card if your bid is successful.
Why was an authorisation request placed against my credit card?Upon submission of your offer, an authorisation request will be made against your credit card. This step is part of the validation process. Your credit card will not be charged the request amount.
Will I have to pay any taxes or fees when bidding for an upgrade?All applicable prepayable airline taxes and fees are covered by the total amount shown on the offer confirmation screen. Do note that your payment card issuer may impose additional fees or charges. Please contact your payment card issuer should you have any queries regarding the final amount charged.
How do I identify a payment for a bid on my credit card statement?Any payment for a bid will be labelled “SINGAPOREAIR MYSQUPGRADE.”

Completing a bid submission

What should I do if I receive an error when submitting my bid?Return to the offer process using the “Back” button on the offer pages (using the back button of your browser will not work), and check that you have entered all your details correctly. If you still receive an error message, contact us.
What should I do if I did not receive a bid confirmation e-mail after submitting my bid?Please allow two to four hours for the bid confirmation e-mail to be generated. Also check the spam folder of your e-mail account. If you still do not receive a bid confirmation e-mail after following these steps, contact us.
Can I change my payment card after I have submitted my offer?Yes, you can do so up until the deadline noted in your bid confirmation e-mail. To change your payment card, cancel your bid by clicking on the “View / modify / cancel” link in your bid confirmation e-mail, and then resubmit your bid via either the cancel confirmation screen or the cancel confirmation e-mail you will receive.
Can I submit a bid after the offer window has closed?No, you will not be able to submit a bid after the offer window has closed. All bids must be submitted at least 50 hours prior to departure for the relevant flight segment.

Bid assessment

How and when will I know the outcome of my bid?You will be informed of the outcome of your bid via e-mail any time prior to 40 hours before departure.
What happens if I am not upgraded?You will not be charged, and you will retain your original booking.
If my bid is unsuccessful, will I be told why?No, we do not specify why a bid is unsuccessful. Please note that the outcome of your bid is determined by a combination of various factors.
How is the outcome of a bid determined?We take several criteria into consideration when assessing an upgrade bid. These include, but are not limited to, the value of the bid, the value of other bids, and the number of Premium Economy or Business Class seats available.
Can I transfer a successful bid to another flight?Successful bids are non-transferable, non-refundable, and are only valid on the specific flight/date the bid was submitted for.
Can I increase my bid after I find out that it is unsuccessful?No, you cannot do so as the offer window would already be closed. We recommend to bid with the highest amount you’re willing to pay to maximise your chances of being upgraded.

Successful upgrades

Will all special requests from my original booking be applied in my upgraded flight segment?All special requests from your original booking will be carried over to your upgraded flight segment. However, it does not guarantee that your special request will be fulfilled.
If I’m travelling in group and we’ve already chosen to sit together in Economy Class, will we also be assigned neighbouring seats in the upgraded cabin class?No, seating arrangements cannot be maintained after the upgrade has been confirmed. We cannot guarantee the availability of neighbouring seats at the point of upgrade, as other passengers who purchased Premium Economy Class seats earlier could have already selected their seats.
Can I select my seat in my upgraded cabin class?Yes, you can make your seat selection after checking-in online. If you have selected a seat in Economy Class prior to your upgrade being confirmed, your seat selection will no longer be valid. You will have to reselect a seat in the upgraded cabin class after you check in. Note that we cannot guarantee the availability of neighbouring seats at the point of your upgrade, as other passengers who purchased Premium Economy Class seats earlier could have already selected their seats.
Can I change or cancel my flight after it has been upgraded?Your ability to change or cancel your flight will depend on the fare conditions of your original booking, but your upgrade will be forfeited should you choose to change or cancel your flight, as an upgrade bid is non-transferrable and non-refundable once successful. If your original ticket is refundable, do note that you can refund your ticket through Manage Booking. You will not be able to change your original booking through Manage Booking once you have been upgraded. You will have to contact your Singapore Airlines office to make any further changes.