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The capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is not merely a place, it’s an utterly affecting experience. A tumultuous, kaleidoscopic whirlwind of raw energy. There are no building regulations in the city and population growth is extraordinary, which means the city is incredibly dense – not surprisingly, the infrastructure strains under the pressure of so many inhabitants.

The population has swelled to more than hundred times the size it was before the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. Now classed as a mega city, with more than 15 million people crammed into 347 square kilometres, personal space is at a premium. Despite the obvious negative aspects of such overcrowding, Dhaka is still a fascinating place to visit.

The commercial and industrial hub of the country, there are lots of activities and numerous sights and attractions to appeal to the visitor. The trick to enjoying Dhaka is knowing what to expect and rolling with it.

So jump into one of Dhaka’s 500,000 rickshaws and head out to see one of the city’s stunning palaces or Mughal forts, and then treat yourself to a tasty biryani. It’s all great fun.