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Düsseldorf Germany

Dusseldorf Germany

Located along the picturesque Rhine River, this city combines the best of both historical and avant-garde architecture to make it one of the most vibrant places to visit. This wealthy city is renowned for the arty boho scene, high fashion, impressive modern art, stylish new restaurants and even new takes on Altbier, the local brew that ranks among Germany’s best beer styles. Spend a few hours bar-hopping around the Altstadt, popularly known as the ‘world’s longest bar’, which turns into a lively and boisterous spot come nightfall, and savour a wide selection of top German beer – it will definitely be a trip to remember.

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What to do in Dusseldorf - The Hofgarten  

The Hofgarten

What to do in Dusseldorf - Old Town Düsseldorf  

Old Town Düsseldorf

What to do in Dusseldorf - Der Neue Zollhof and the Gehry Buildings  

Der Neue Zollhof and the Gehry Buildings

What to do in Dusseldorf - The Königsallee  

The Königsallee



Explore one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods and enjoy its myriad historical buildings along the river Rhine. Besides the magni...


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