Kiosk Check-in


Departing from London Heathrow Airport

  • With effect from 17 September 2014, Singapore Airlines will operate from the new Heathrow Terminal 2: The Queen's Terminal.  For updates, click here.

  • Check-in at Zone A for your Singapore Airlines flight.

  • Kiosk check-in is available from 18 hours to 1 hour before departure.  You may check in your bags at the bag drop counters 4 hours before departure.

  • Economy Class customers should use the self-service kiosks to print their baggage tags and boarding passes before proceeding to the bag drop counters.

  • Suites, First Class and Business Class customers may proceed directly to the designated premium check-in counters located after the bag drops.

  • Regardless of your class of travel, if you do not have bags to check in, you may skip the kiosk / counter by checking in online or via SQ Mobile, get your home-printed or mobile boarding pass (if eligible) and proceed directly to airport security.


How to Use Kiosk Check-in


Step 1: Select Singapore Airlines from the home screen.

Step 2: Acknowledge that you have read and understood the restrictions on Dangerous Goods.


Kiosk Check-in Pic1

Step 3: Choose any of the six options to retrieve your booking:

  • Scan your passport

  • Scan the barcode on your self-printed or mobile boarding pass

  • Enter your booking reference (e.g. AZ6E7G) – recommended if checking-in multiple passengers in the same booking

  • Enter your 13-digit e-ticket number starting with "618"

  • Swipe your credit card used to pay for the ticket

  • Swipe your KrisFlyer membership card

Kiosk Check-in Pic2

Step 4: Scan your passport by placing the photo page face down on the glass flatbed scanner.

Kiosk Check-in Pic4

Step 5: Your flight details and seat assignment will be shown.  Touch "Confirm Check-in" to complete your check-in.

Kiosk Check-in Pic6

  • You may also add passengers to be checked-in at this time.  Please note that you may only check-in up to 6  passengers (including yourself) at one time.  You will need to have all passports ready for scanning.

  • You may view / change your seat, if desired.

  • Remember to collect your bag tags and boarding passes.

  • If you have bags to check-in, please tag your bags and proceed to the Bag Drop counter.


How to tag your bag


Here is an example of how your baggage tag will look like:

On the reverse of the baggage tag, there are easy-to-follow instructions on where to "peel" and "stick".

Peel-off the section as marked and retain your baggage receipt:

Slip the baggage tag through the handle of your bag:

Stick both ends together and you're done:


If you have no bags bags to check in, you may proceed directly to security screening with your boarding pass.

The kiosk also offers the following convenience:

  • Return check-in (click here)
  • Check-in for your connecting flight on Singapore Airlines or on our partner airlines (click here)
  • Adding your frequent flyer number to your booking

Ineligible for Kiosk Check-in


Please approach a check-in agent for assistance if you encounter any issues e.g.:

  • You were not issued with your boarding pass and/or bag tag

  • Your passport / visa is not machine-readable

  • You have an unconfirmed or wait-listed booking

  • You are travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor

  • You are part of a Group booking e.g. tour group or group of 9 or more passengers

  • You have an Extra Seat booking e.g. for Cabin Baggage such as musical instruments

  • You require any special requirements e.g. travelling with pets, meet-and-assist service, medical assistance etc.