Kiosk Check-in


Departing from London Heathrow Airport

  • Until 16 September 2014, you may check in via the self-service kiosks in Terminal 3, Zone E.

  • With effect from 17 September 2014, Singapore Airlines will depart from and arrive at the new Heathrow Terminal 2: The Queen's Terminal.  For updates, click here.

  • Kiosk check-in is available from 18 hours to 1 hour before flight departure.

  • If you have bags to check in, please print your bag tags at the kiosk, tag your bags and proceed to the Bag Drop counter.

  • Please note that Bag Drop counters only open 4 hours prior to flight departure.


How to Use Kiosk Check-in


Step 1: Select Singapore Airlines from the home screen.

Step 2: Acknowledge that you have read and understood the restriction on Dangerous Goods.


Kiosk Check-in Pic1

Step 3: Choose any of the six options to retrieve your booking:

  • Scan your passport

  • Scan the barcode on your self-printed or mobile boarding pass

  • Enter your booking reference (e.g. AZ6E7G) – recommended if checking-in multiple passengers in the same booking

  • Enter your 13-digit e-ticket number starting with "618"

  • Swipe your credit card used to pay for the ticket

  • Swipe your KrisFlyer membership card

Kiosk Check-in Pic2

Step 4: Scan your passport by placing the photo page face down on the glass flatbed scanner.

Kiosk Check-in Pic4

Step 5: Your flight details and seat assignment will be shown.  Touch "Confirm Check-in" to complete your check-in.

Kiosk Check-in Pic6

  • You may also add passengers to be checked-in at this time.  Please note that you may only check-in up to 6  passengers (including yourself) at one time.  You will need to have all passports ready for scanning.

  • You may view / change your seat, if desired.


Step 6: Once your check-in is confirmed, you will have the option to select the number of bag tags required.  Touch the “+” or "-" sign to select the number of check-in bags.  If you do not have any bags to check-in, press “Skip”.

Kiosk Check-in Pic9


Remember to collect your bag tags and boarding passes. 

If you have bags to check in, please tag your bags and proceed to the Bag Drop counter.

If you have no bags bags to check in, you may proceed directly to security screening with your boarding pass.

The kiosk also offers the following convenience:

  • Return check-in (click here)
  • Check-in for your connecting flight on Singapore Airlines or on our partner airlines (click here)
  • Adding your frequent flyer number to your booking

Ineligible for Kiosk Check-in


Please approach a check-in agent for assistance if you encounter any issues e.g.:

  • You were not issued with your boarding pass and/or bag tag

  • Your passport / visa is not machine-readable

  • You have an unconfirmed or wait-listed booking

  • You are travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor

  • You are part of a Group booking e.g. tour group or group of 9 or more passengers

  • You have an Extra Seat booking e.g. for Cabin Baggage such as musical instruments

  • You require any special requirements e.g. travelling with pets, meet-and-assist service, medical assistance etc.