Preparing to fly

POC device


We accept pre-approved portable oxygen concentrators (POC) that will fit into the limited space beneath your seat. Please contact your local Singapore Airlines office to check if your device can be used on your flights. Please note that you may not be able to use your device on the flight in the event of a last minute change in aircraft type.


The POC models that we accept are

1. AirSep Corporation's Lifestyle

2. AirSep Corporation's Freestyle

3. Inogen, Inc.'s Inogen One

4. SeQual Technologies' Eclipse

5. Respironics Inc.'s EverGo

6. Delphi Medical Systems' RS-00400

7. Invacare Corporation's XPO2

8. DeVilbiss Healthcare's iGo

9. International Biophysics Corporation's LifeChoice

10. Inogen's Inogen One G2

11. Inogen's Inogen One G3

12. Oxlife's Independence Oxygen Concentrator

POCs will have to be self-powered using a gel or dry battery. We may not be able to provide inflight power supply for such equipment. Hence, please bring batteries to provide power for at least 150% of the flight time. For example, for an expected flight duration of 10 hours, you will need to prepare a battery supply for 15 hours. If each battery lasts for 5 hours, you will have to prepare 3 Batteries



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  • Reservations

    As the space under the seat is limited, please check with your local Singapore Airlines officer on whether the POC device can be stowed safely under your seat.

    Please give us at least 48 hours of advance notice and also provide a medical certificate from your physician to certify fitness to travel.

    For information on the expected flight duration, please check with your local Singapore Airlines office either at time of reservations or at least 48 hours before departure. This is to ensure that you will have sufficient time to prepare the batteries to be used during the flight.

    Please also note that the seats at the aisle, as well as those at the emergency exit row, will not be available for your selection. Instead, we will offer you a window seat as recommended by FAA.

  • On the day of departure

    Please check in early for your flight (approximately 2-3 hours before flight departure) to ensure a smooth flight experience.