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The capital of Yunnan Province, Kunming is often called “The City of Eternal Spring” for its pleasant weather conditions all year round. In fact, the temperatures hardly ever go over 30 degrees Celsius, though it does get rather chilly during the winter, given that the city's at an altitude of 2000m.

Yunnan is home to most of China's ethnic minority people. Of the 55 groups, 51 can be found in the province, and this has influenced the culture and cuisine that you will find in Kunming. The Yi, Bai, and Dai people living in the city all have different ways of cooking, and the taste is generally more subtle than other Chinese regions like Sichuan.

Kunming is well known for its laid-back atmosphere and numerous scenic attractions like the Dianchi Lake, Shilin National Park, and the Sleeping Buddha Hill. It is also the perfect springboard from which to explore the other beautiful Yunnan cities like Dali, Lijiang and Xishuangbanna, either by car or short plane rides.