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Mumbai Suburban Railaway

Take a ride on the Mumbai Suburban Railaway, better known as the “Local”. The city’s trains are not for the faint hearted, but it is a quintessential Mumbai experience. However, even for the bravest souls, only off-peak hours are recommended (between 11am-3pm), with a First Class ticket.

Marine Drive

Enjoy a buggy ride. Feel the cool evening sea breeze on your cheeks on this ride up and down the stretch called Marine Drive, on a horse carriage. They come with disco music, flashing lights and chatty drivers.

Chor Bazaar

Hunt for bargains at Chor Bazaar. Literally meaning “thieves’ market”, it’s the best place for cool collectibles, old film posters and rare antiques.

What to do in Mumbai - Irani chai

Irani chai

Sip on Irani chai. Irani cafes, run by the descendants of Persians who migrated to Mumbai in the late 19th century, are among the city’s dying institutions. For a perfectly laid-back afternoon, have a brun maska pao (bun with a generous lashing of butter) as you linger over your chai.

Prithvi Theatre

Catch a play at Prithvi Theatre. There is always something interesting on at this theatre named after Prithviraj Kapoor, the patriarch of Hindi cinema’s first family. The outdoor cafe, famed for its Irish Coffee, is a favourite haunt of Mumbai’s creative set.

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