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What To Do

Explore the underground malls

Explore the serpentine passageways of the underground malls filled with shops and eateries in the Meieki district, where the heaving Nagoya train station and the looming JR Central Towers and the Midland Square complex is found.

Eat and drink in a busy izakaya

Eat and drink in a busy izakaya. These popular pub-like restaurants are found all over Japan and offer great food and refreshments at comparatively low prices. Many izakayas in Nagoya have “nomihodai” deals – meaning you pay one price and drink as much as you want with your meal for 90 minutes.

Hit the beach

Hit the beach. There is a surprisingly wide selection of beaches that are all easily reached by local transport. The summers get hot so cool down with a refreshing swim.

What to do in Nagoya - Pachinko

Pachinko hall

Visit a pachinko hall and observe the flickering noisy bedlam created by the machines. Pachinko is a kind of arcade game, essentially like a vertical pinball machine, and they are hugely popular. See if you have any skills.

What to do in Nagoya - Sakae downtown district

Sakae downtown district

Paint the town red in the Sakae downtown district. Belt out some songs in a karaoke bar, then head to ID Cafe to enjoy five floors of nightclub playing an eclectic mix of music.

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