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Where to stay in Nagoya - The Westin Nagoya Castle

The Westin Nagoya Castle

With an unrivalled view of Nagoya Castle, one of the principal tourist attractions in the city, this hotel enjoys a great location. With 11 stories and 195 guest rooms and suites it offers a variety of price brackets and delivers the international high standards expected from a global hotel group. Make sure to dine at Crown restaurant on the 11th floor. The panoramic view over the city and the castle is breathtaking and the innovative French-Japanese fusion cuisine is incredible.

Insider Tip: Save on any unnecessary taxi rides by using the complimentary shuttle bus that departs every hour between the hotel and Nagoya Station.

Where to stay in Nagoya - Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel 

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel 

    Taking the uppermost floors in the imposing tower over the Nagoya Train Station, the Nagoya Marriott is one of the most exclusive options in the city with 774 rooms and suites. The property offers a range of aesthetics for guest rooms, catering for Japanese and Western tastes. All styles are equally luxurious and include the largest sizes in the city. There is also a concierge floor offering complimentary breakfast in the lounge on the 36th floor, a free drink service from 6am to midnight, free usage of the fitness club and also the business meeting room.

    Insider Tip: Request a high floor with a view facing away from the train tracks and over the Nagoya Castle.

    Where to stay in Nagoya - Relaxation Spa Apeze

    Relaxation Spa Apeze

      Capsule hotels are widely used all over Japan and Nagoya has a broad range of these futuristic places that are peculiar to Japan. Most capsule hotels are “Men Only” and mainly used by businessmen or “salary men”. However, this hotel is unisex, with designated floors for men and women. The bathing areas are communal and kept perfectly clean. The capsule is obviously small, as expected, but it doesn’t affect a good night’s sleep – well worth a try.

      Insider Tip: There are no electricity charging points in the capsules so make sure your phone and any other electrical items you might need to use have a good charge. 5-11-14 Imaike, Chikusaku

      Where to stay in Nagoya - Hostel Ann

      Hostel Ann

        For those who want to stay in a backpacker’s environment, where meeting people and swapping travel tales is the norm, then Hostel Ann is a great option. Originally a traditional ryokan the hostel was renovated to appeal to more global tastes, with a communal kitchen, free Wi-Fi, beer and soft drink vending machines and more. It’s well located being just a five-minute walk from Kanayama station – a great base for sightseeing by day and going out in the nearby Sakae nightlife area at night.

        Insider Tip: The rooms are in a dormitory style so you can ask for one with lower occupancy for peace and quiet, or a busy room to meet more people.

        Where to stay in Nagoya - The Sir Winston Hotel

        The Sir Winston Hotel

          As the name of this hotel might imply, the decor and style has a British flavour, with sophisticated touches such as William Morris wallpaper, traditional powder rooms, huge bathtubs and refined European furnishings. The staff has a well-earned reputation for impeccable manners and intuitive service. The hotel is around 30 minutes by train from the city centre but there are many tourist attractions easily reached as the hotel is on the Meijo Subway Line. There’s an entrance from the hotel directly into the subway station so you can visit nearby sites such as the Nagoya Dome, Tokugawen Japanese Garden, Atsuta Shrine and Nagoya TV Tower in no time.

          Insider Tip: There is no room service so if you’re prone to midnight snacking, make sure to keep some nibbles in the room.

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