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Tokyo is a city of paradoxes, a teeming mass of human activity of unimaginable breadth and depth, yet a megalopolis of polished pristineness, efficiency and calm. Ancient rituals take place alongside ultra-modern architecture, kimono-clad locals walk the chic boulevards in Ginza, and dining ranges from street-cheap ramen to the biggest collection of Michelin-star restaurants in the world. For decades the Japanese capital has been the touch-point for the technological here and now, but for visitors it’s also a modern city whose historic legacy is never far from the glossy surface.

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What to do in Tokyo - Shibuya Crossing  

Walk across the world-famous Shibuya Crossing

What to do in Tokyo -  Visit a Sumo Stable  

Visit a “beya” or sumo stable

What to do in Tokyo - Meiji-Jingu  

Pay your respects at Meiji Jingu


Fiddle with Sony’s high-tech gizmos

Fiddle with Sony’s high-tech gizmos at the Sony Showroom. The first four floors of the impressive 11-storey Sony Building lets you...


Get an insider’s perspective on the city

Get an insider’s perspective on the city. The Tokyo Systematized Goodwill Guide Club comprises mostly students, housewives and ret...


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Where to eat in Tokyo - Cha Cha Hana

Cha Cha Hana

Kyoto-style cuisine is renowned for its refinement and fresh ingredients, but is surprisingly hard to find in modern Tokyo. Cha Cha Hana, inside a charming Showa-era house in Shinjuku, offers a range of quick bites and treats on the edge of Golden Gai, a warren of 1950s-built bars on the backstreets of Tokyo’s busiest hub. With rice paper walls and its own stone garden, the vibe matches the theme and treats include Camembert tempura, grilled Japanese yam and potato dumplings stuffed with scallop.

Insider Tip: Eat the way the locals do by accompanying your meal with plum wine, known as umeshu. 1-1-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tel: 81 3 5292 2933


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