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When faced with the prospect of describing Lombok, a laid-back, tropical jungle island in the heart of Indonesia, you could be tempted to rely on juxtaposition alone. It’s Bali meets the Galapagos, in film terms, Castaway meets The Hangover, or musically, tribal rhythm meets Bob Marley.

It’s the expected beach and jungle paradise that you wish for when booking a holiday, but topped with an almost unbelievable, incomparable chain of volcanic peaks. In Indonesia, a country with more than most, that’s saying something.

What the comparisons fail to capture is that unlike Bali, for example, Lombok is still relatively untouched by rampant over-development. The five-star hotels are still here, of course, they’re just more discreet. The beach resorts are here - they’re just quieter and largely untouched.

But before you have time to take this all in, Lombok pulls out its trump card: the diminutive offshore Gili Islands, a miniature archipelago of crystalline waters, untroubled reefs and squeaky-clean sand.

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What to do

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What to do in Lombok - See the sun rise over a volcano  

See the sun rise over a volcano

What to do in Lombok - Island-hop like a beach bum  

Island-hop like a beach bum

What to do in Lombok - Be serenaded by Senggigi  

Be serenaded by Senggigi


Catch a wave in epic surf

Kuta Beach on Bali, across the Lombok Strait, may be home to the world-famous barrels of Padang Padang, Uluwatu and Keramas, but L...

What to do in Lombok - Explore nearby islands  

Explore nearby islands


Where to eat

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Where to eat in Lombok - Pasar Malam

Pasar Malam

This pop-up night market on Gili Trawangan covers all the main Indonesian food groups, offering travellers a budget friendly meal.

Where to eat in Lombok - Warung Manega

Warung Manega

This beachside restaurant packs a double punch. First, with its wide selection of fish grills and second, with its location.


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