Internet access, text and multimedia messaging


Surf, tweet or send a text message on your flight! Now you can take the world with you, simply by using your phone, laptop or tablet, just like you would on the ground. Together with connectivity service providers, OnAir or Panasonic, these services are progressively made available on our A380 and Boeing 777-300ER fleet. The cabin crew on your flight will make an announcement if your flight is equipped with connectivity.


Getting Started


 How can I access the Internet through Wi-Fi?

1. Enable Wi-Fi on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and select the onboard Wi-Fi network*.
2. Launch your web browser to display the log-in web portal.
3. Select your preferred price plan and usage option.
4. Create a user name and password, and enter your credit card details.
5. Once the payment process has been completed, you can start surfing!

*For aircraft with connectivity services provided by OnAir, please look out for the ‘OnAir’ network. For aircraft with connectivity services provided by Panasonic/Deutsche Telekom, please look out for the ‘KrisWorld’ network.


 How can I send a text or multimedia message?

1. Enable ‘Cellular data’ in your phone’s network settings and ensure that your mobile phone is not set to flight mode. Connect to the onboard network signal**.
2. Reply to the welcome message containing the case-sensitive code. You will only receive this message if your mobile service provider has a roaming agreement with our connectivity service provider.
3. Enter ‘+’ followed by the country code before sending a message.
4. Enable ‘Data roaming’ only if you wish to send a multimedia message or access data services through your mobile service provider.

**For aircraft with connectivity services provided by OnAir, please look out for the ‘OnAir’ or ‘90115’ network signal. For aircraft with connectivity services provided by Panasonic/Aeromobile, please look out for the ‘Aeromobile’ network signal.


Price Plans & Billing


For Internet access through Wi-Fi:

The price plans are reflected on the connectivity portal when you connect to the onboard hotspot. Depending on the connectivity service provider for your flight, the price plans available may either be volume-based (e.g. US$9.99 for 10 MB) or time-based (e.g. US$11.95 for 1 hour).

For price plans that are volume-based, they are only valid on the flight sector that they are purchased on. For example, a price plan purchased on SQ12 from Singapore to Narita cannot be continued on the next sector, from Narita to Los Angeles.

A summary of your purchase of the respective Wi-Fi sessions will also be sent to you via email.

For text and multi-media messaging:

Roaming charges are determined by your local mobile service provider and will be reflected in your mobile phone bill. Please check the roaming rates from your mobile service provider's website prior to your flight.

Current Promotions:

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Enjoy unlimited data at just S$25 daily or S$0.60 per SMS. Learn more about this promotion here.
*Timer resets daily at 00:00 hours (Singapore time, GMT+8)
*Promotion is only available on selected aircraft with OnAir connectivity services.


Other Frequently Asked Questions and Important Tips


Why is it now safe to use mobile phones on the aircraft?

The onboard connectivity system has been tested and certified by various aviation authorities to allow the use of mobile phones during the flight, without impact to aircraft systems. During taxi, take-off and landing, the use of portable electronic devices in flight safe mode is also allowed, subject to local regulatory and operational requirements.

For Internet access through Wi-Fi:

1. What can I do to optimize my data allowance and the available bandwidth?
It is recommended to disable any automatic software updates of applications running in the background.

2. When can I use the Wi-Fi service?
The service can only operate when the aircraft is at cruising altitude and is flying over international waters or authorised countries. Please refer to the KrisWorld magazine in your seat-pocket for information on where the service is available. Our service provider is working towards obtaining authorisations from remaining areas with no service coverage.

For text and multi-media messaging through GSM:

1. Can I make or receive voice calls during the flight?
Voice call facility through mobile phones, including incoming and outgoing calls, is not available. Please also be considerate towards your fellow passengers and turn your phone to silent mode when sending or receiving messages.

2. When can I use the GSM service?
The ‘Switch off phone’ cabin signs are illuminated if the aircraft has not reached cruising altitude or if flying over a country that has not authorised the inflight mobile service. Whenever this cabin sign is illuminated, mobile phones must be switched off or set to flight mode.

3. I am not able to connect to and make use of the GSM service. What are the possible reasons for this?
Your mobile phone must firstly be compatible with GSM1800 to use the service.  In addition, your local mobile service provider must have a roaming agreement with our connectivity service provider. Roaming function should also be enabled on your device.


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