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Conditions of online booking

For Spanish residents who are purchasing tickets for flights departing and/or arriving in Spain, please refer to the Conditions of online booking located here.
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1. Formation of agreement

1.1 The Online booking facility ("the booking facility") is owned and operated by Singapore Airlines Limited ("SIA"). When you use the booking facility to make a reservation, you signify your agreement to these Conditions of Use and other applicable terms, conditions, and notices, including but not limited to the Conditions of Use of WebSite. If this is not your intention and you disagree with any part of these Conditions of Use or such other applicable terms and conditions, DO NOT USE the booking facility. You should obtain a print-out of these Conditions of Use for your records.

1.2 The information contained in the booking facility may change without notice. SIA does not warrant nor represent the accuracy or completeness of the booking facility or any of the data or information contained in the booking facility.

2. Personal and non-commercial use limitation
3. Use of the online booking facility
4. Booking rules
5. Travel requirements
6. No unlawful or prohibited use
7. Restrictions on use
8. Age and responsibility
9. Disclaimer
10. No representation
11. Limitation of liability
12. Cancellation or suspension of service
13. Security
14. Jurisdiction