Singapore Airlines

Arts, Education & Sports

Arts, Education & Sports

We believe that creative pursuits are the key to building a better world. Wherever one’s interest and talent lies. It’s why we provide scholarships and sponsorships to these arts, education, and sports programmes around the world:


  • Singapore Chinese Orchestra
  • Singapore Dance Theatre
  • Singapore Lyric Opera
  • Singapore Symphony Orchestra
  • National Arts Council
  • Highlights from Musée d’Orsay: Dreams and Reality, National Museum of Singapore (2012)
  • Arts Exhibition Australia (official airline since 1988)
  • West Australian Ballet, Australia (since 1972)
  • Western Australian Museum


  • JY Pillay Global-Asia Programme, Singapore
  • Lee Kuan Yew Bilinguilism Fund, Singapore
  • McNally Award for Excellence in the Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
  • Singapore Sports School
  • The Singapore Airlines Border Patrol Police School, Thailand
  • The Smith Family, Australia
  • Lille Fro Foundation, Australia
  • Local education foundations, Indonesia and the Philippines


  • Singapore Sports School
  • Singapore Sports Awards
  1. Sportsman of the Year, Singapore Sports Awards
  2. Sportswoman of the Year, Singapore Sports Awards
  3. Sportsboy of the Year, Singapore Sports Awards
  4. Sportsgirl of the Year, Singapore Sports Awards