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Haneda Airport’s International Terminal to be renamed Terminal 3 & Relocation of Check-in Counters

With effect from 14 March 2020, the International terminal at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport will be renamed Terminal 3 (Old name: Terminal I).

There is no change to our operations, and customers flying on Singapore Airlines will still check in at the counters located at Row A on the Departure Level, Level 3, Terminal 3. However, please note that with effect from 29 March 2020, the check in counters be will relocated from Row A to Row C. 

The first flight to be affected by this change is SQ631 from Haneda to Singapore on 29 Mar 2020. 

Please refer to the diagram for the location of check-in counters Row C.

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First posted 30 January 2020, 0900hrs (GMT+8)
Last updated 19 March 2020, 1400hrs (GMT+8)

羽田空港 国際線旅客ターミナルビルから第3旅客ターミナルビルへの名称変更とチェックインカウンター移転について






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