World-class cuisine at home

We invite you to create, experience and relive the bold flavours and wondrous aromas that inspire the acclaimed cuisine onboard Singapore Airlines. Attempt your own gourmet experience with these Business Class breakfast recipes adapted for your dining pleasure at home, or recreate the flavours of timeless Singapore hawker market classics.

How does Singapore Airlines develop its menus and adapt well-known dishes for an in-flight environment?

Business Class dining

Menu development begins many months before flight departure, with regular consultation between the Airline’s food and beverage team and catering teams around the network to plan a regular rotation of dishes across all cabin classes. Singapore Airlines also works with an International Culinary Panel of world-renowned chefs, including Matt Moran, with each offering expertise in their respective regions on everything from a modern culinary approach to wellness cuisines, to a “Farm to Plane” approach focusing on sustainable ingredients.

With a focus on premium produce that can be served with a minimum of complexity, Singapore Airlines takes restaurant-quality menu designs, deconstructs the meals, and applies the airline catering approach. During this process, it is important to consider that passenger’s sense of taste changes at altitude, the way caterers cook and the packing of meals for flight, as well as considerations for plating guidelines for the Airlines’ famous in-flight crew service.

So, while you may walk into a restaurant, place your order, and receive your meal 30 minutes later, it may take up to 6 months of design and development before a new dish is introduced for a flight. Singapore Airlines works through this stringent and vigorous process to ensure that the meals served to you onboard are of utmost quality, and provides a fitting complement to your flight experience.


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