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Book the Cook menu from Tokyo (Narita)

Salmon Fillet with Mashed Potato

Roasted salmon fillet served with olive, caper and tomato sauce, vegetables and mashed potato.

Gnocchi Mediterranean

Potato gnocchi with roasted vegetables topped with tomato sauce, basil pesto and parmesan cheese.

Pancake with Scrambled Egg

Served with berry compote accompanied with scrambled egg, bacon and pork sausage.

Beef Steak

Grilled beef steak served with red wine sauce, seasonal fresh vegetables and baked potato with cheese.

Seafood Yakisoba

Japanese style fried noodle with vegetables topped with seared prawns, scallop and salmon fillet garnished with pickled ginger and seaweed powder.


Sauteed pork with ginger sauce served with seasonal vegetables and bamboo shoot flavoured rice.

Gyu Kare

Local Japanese beef cook in curry served with turmeric rice, vegetables and pickled radish.

Unagi Donburi

Grilled river eel with soya glaced with omelette on flavoured rice and garnished with edamame.

Coconut Flavoured Rice with Fried Chicken 

Served with chilli sambal sauce, fried spiced chicken, fish paste otah, chilli and onion omelette, fried baby anchovies and peanut.

Singapore Roasted Chicken Rice

Roasted chicken served with chicken flavoured rice, vegetables and chilli sauce.

Singapore Chicken Biryani with Basmati Rice

Chicken cook in curry with spiced aromatic basmati rice with raisin and cashew nuts.