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Enjoy your flight from Zurich to Singapore on board our daily Airbus A380 service. From Singapore, connecting flights are available to

  • Ho Chi Minh City, 17 times a week (Singapore Airlines) 
  • Hanoi, 14 times a week (Singapore Airlines and SilkAir)
  • Danang, 7 times a week (SilkAir)


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Economy / Premium EconomyEconomy / Premium Economy

Get an even better understanding of Southeast Asia’s culture by combining your trip to Vietnam with a visit to Cambodia. For example, marvel at the architectural wonders of the famous temple of Angkor, close to Siem Reap.


SilkAir operates flights from Singapore to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh several times a week, giving you the opportunity to combine your flight from Zurich to Vietnam with a return flight departing from Cambodia (Multi-City flight).

Singapore Airlines cabin offerings

Enjoy a comfortable flight and award winning service

Economy Class

On your flight from Zurich to Singapore you can experience the new A380 cabin offerings providing more space and privacy in all classes. 

Enjoy a standalone bed with a separate swivel seat in Suites, a comfortable double bed in Business Class, greater legroom and a wider seat that reclines up to 20 degrees in Premium Economy and an ergonomic seat with improved cushions and adjustable headrests in Economy Class. 

Along comes award winning service, culinary delights and a rich entertainment system with more than 1'000 movies, TV channels and music tracks.

Explore Vietnam


Although Vietnam is a country with a young population, it has a thousand-year-old culture, formed by the various ethnic groups and their different traditions. The impressive war zones provide you with an overview of the interesting history of Vietnam.


The nature is as rich as the culture of the country. In the north you will find generous mountain landscapes, whereas the curved coast with its beautiful sandy beaches and the endless paddy fields in the Mekong Delta provide an excellent contrast.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

Experience past and present in Ho Chi Minh City. Walk past old pagodas and authentic markets, just to find yourself in front of a huge skyscraper or a state-of-the-art shopping mall a few minutes later.


The culinary scene of the city offers a lot too: in addition to different interpretations of the Vietnamese cuisine, you will also find Japanese, Indian, Thai and western restaurants. 


A trip to the main agricultural area of the country and the “home of rice”, the Mekong Delta, is highly recommended.



In Hanoi, the fascinating past of Vietnam is displayed in museums and temples.


The chaotic, narrow streets of the city give you an insight into the modern daily life of the Vietnamese, whereas the countless street food stalls will seduce you with exotic smells. Try some of the many local specialties, before you continue your discovery tour through Hanoi. 


Located outside of Hanoi is the unique Ha-Long Bay with its impressive lime stone formations. Enjoy a boat cruise and relax while passing along the amazing seascape of this UNESCO world heritage site.



Visit the city of Danang with its unusual dragon bridge or relax at one of the nearby beaches.


Heading south, you will find the historical city of Hoi An. The former port boasts impressive architecture, thrilling museums, temples and pagodas. The old part of the town has been awarded a UNESCO world heritage site in 1999.


Another place to visit in this region is the city of Hue, located north of Danang. The citadel, which belongs to the UNESCO world heritage and the imperial gravesite, will take you on a trip through the past of Vietnam.

Culinary delights

Vietnam dishes

The Vietnamese are proud of their delicious and unique cuisine. The main ingredients are rice, coconut, fish sauce and fresh herbs. Fruits and vegetables are prepared freshly and vary among the different regions.


Below are a few dishes you may want to try:


  • Pho: soup with beef (“bo”) or chicken (“ga”), fish sauce, fresh herbs and spices. This is the national dish of Vietnam
  • Banh Mi: Baguette stuffed with liver paté, sausage, chicken or tofu, vegetables, hot chili and fresh herbs
  • Banh Xeo: Crepes stuffed with pork or shrimps, bean sprouts, salad and fresh herbs, dipped in an aromatic sauce
  • Bun Cha: meatballs (pork) with rice noodles and herbs

Singapore Stopover Holidays

Singapore Stopover Holiday

Enjoy the vibrant sights and sounds of Singapore with a Singapore Stopover Holiday!

The Singapore Stopover Holiday is available with or without attractions. Accommodation is included in both packages.


A Singapore Stopover Holiday is a great way to explore the Garden City on your way to Vietnam.