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Transiting in Singapore

While we are excited to welcome you back on board, we are also mindful of the health and safety concerns that you may have. To offer you a new standard of care and greater peace of mind for all, we have introduced enhanced precautionary measures for transit passengers. Here is what you can expect if you are transiting through Singapore Changi Airport with us. Please see the list of countries passengers may travel from, to connect on Singapore Airlines through Singapore Changi Airport.

Transit passengers from Australia; Brunei; China; New Zealand; and Taiwan, China

Please note that Singapore has unilaterally lifted border restrictions with Australia; Brunei; China; New Zealand; and Taiwan, China. Transit passengers from these countries/regions will be able to move freely within the transit area during their layover at Changi Airport. PPS Club members, Suites, First Class, and Business Class transit passengers will also be able to access our SilverKris Lounge (Business Class) at Terminal 3 while they wait for their connecting flight. All other transit passengers will be escorted to the designated Transit Holding Area.
Before you book
Check eligibility to transit

Travellers will gradually be allowed to transit through Singapore Changi Airport based on their departure city. Transfers are only allowed between airlines within the SIA Group (Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Scoot). Singapore Airlines also has interline agreements with Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air Niugini, Garuda Indonesia, Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines and Turkish Airlines which allows their customers to transit through Singapore Changi Airport from approved cities to destinations in the SIA Group network currently operated by Singapore Airlines and SilkAir. Transfers to and from flights operated by other airlines, that do not have an interline agreement with SIA, are currently not allowed. You should book your flights on the same ticket, instead of splitting it up into separate tickets. This is to comply with various authorities’ ​health and safety measures for travel during this period.

Do check the travel advisories as well to ensure that you meet all the requirements to enter your final destination.

Transit routes

To find out if you can transit through Singapore Changi Airport, check our latest list of regulatory-approved itineraries.

Flying from your departure city
Take a pre-departure Covid-19 PCR test

Travellers with a travel history to Indonesia and the Philippines within the last 21 days prior to departure are required to present a valid negative Covid-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result, taken within 72 hours before departure in order to transit through Singapore. This requirement does not apply to Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents or children aged 6 and below. The test result should be issued in English, within 72 hours before departure, and from recognised laboratories.
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Complete pre-departure health declaration

You will be screened for signs of illnesses, and asked to declare your health status at your departure airport. If you are exhibiting any symptoms of respiratory illnesses, you will not be allowed on board.

Proceed to the boarding gate early

Head to the boarding gate early, wait for your boarding group to be called, and practise safe distancing at all times.

Wear a face mask

You are required to wear a face mask throughout your flight except at meal times. Children under the age of six are exempted from this rule. You should know that most airports will also require you to wear a face mask, so do ensure you have one before leaving home.

On board
Receive a SIA Care Kit

To care for your well-being, we will provide a complimentary SIA Care Kit containing a face mask, hand sanitiser and disinfectant surface wipe.

Changes to your inflight experience

You may notice a few changes to your inflight experience. For greater peace of mind, watch the video to learn more about these specific changes, as well as those that happen behind the scenes including frequent cleaning of inflight surfaces and lavatories using high-strength disinfectants.

At Singapore Changi Airport
Transit Passengers from Australia; Brunei; China; New Zealand; and Taiwan, China

​This section, with the exception of temperature screening, does not apply to transit passengers from countries/regions which Singapore has unilaterally lifted border restrictions. Passengers from these countries/regions will not have to wait for their connecting flight at the transit holding area and will be able to move freely within the transit departure area.

Temperature screening

All arriving passengers at Changi Airport will have their temperature screened. If you are running a fever or exhibiting any symptoms of a respiratory illness, you will be attended to by medical staff.

Arriving at Singapore Changi Airport

All transit passengers will be provided with a wristband, which will give them access to the designated transit holding area at Singapore Changi Airport. The wristband will be handed out by ushers after disembarkation. Do be patient and practice safe distancing when disembarking.

Be ushered to your next boarding gate or transit holding area

All transit passengers will be welcomed by an usher.

If your transit time is less than 75 minutes, you will directly proceed in groups to your next boarding gate. If your transit time is more than 75 minutes, you will be ushered in groups to a designated transit holding area. Due to regulatory requirements, you will not be able to visit any shops, restrooms, or amenities en route to the next boarding gate or the designated transit holding area.

The transit holding area is separated into two zones due to safe management measures required by the authorities. Transit passengers who boarded from or transited through Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Africa or the United Kingdom will be brought to a separate zone within the Transit Holding Area from the other countries.

Rest and relax at your designated transit holding area

Your designated transit holding area will contain all the comforts you need to rest and relax before your connecting flight. This includes complimentary WiFi, a snooze corner, food kiosks, vending machines, a smoking room, and restrooms. You will also be able to order food from outlets in Changi Airport to be delivered to you. Do note that you must stay within this designated transit holding area at all times, and remember to keep your face mask on unless you are eating, drinking, or smoking. For duty-free shopping, be sure to pre-order from at least an hour before your Singapore Airlines or SilkAir flight departs from Singapore to have your purchases delivered to you inflight.

If you are a PPS Club member, Suites, First Class, or Business Class passenger, you can access the premium waiting area where complimentary WiFi, food and drinks, as well as recliners for rest are available.

Transit passengers may wish to note that Aerotel Singapore, the transit hotel at Changi Airport Terminal 1, and Ambassador Transit Hotel at Changi Airport Terminal 3  are open for bookings. Passengers with a hotel booking will first be ushered to airport’s transit holding area for verification checks. They will be guided to the transit hotel only after the checks have been completed. They must strictly remain in the hotel throughout their stay. Upon checking out from the hotel, they will be ushered to the transit holding area before their connecting flight.

Your connecting flight
Listen out for your boarding call

Around 75 minutes before your flight departs, you will be ushered in groups from the transit holding area to your boarding gate for security screening and boarding. Just like the flight from your departure city, you will be the first group to board the aircraft, regardless of cabin class.

Transit passengers originating from countries/regions which Singapore has unilaterally lifted border restrictions will board the aircraft along with passengers departing directly from Singapore.

Arriving at your destination

Passengers who started their journey in Singapore will disembark the aircraft first. Do remember to practise safe distancing in the immigration queues and at the baggage claim area.

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