Bangkok Travel Guide

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Travel Guide to Bangkok

When in Bangkok, don’t forget to...

Take a tour of Bangkok National Museum to give yourself an overview of Thailand’s history and culture. It’s a little old in places, but there are many excellent art and antique exhibits.

Try some smooth and spicy Thai Green Curry. Plaza Athenee Bangkok claims it makes the best ever, why not put it to the test?

Go shopping in one of the city’s many markets. The sprawling Chatuchak Weekend Market may now be well on the tourist trail, but it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. You’ll find almost everything all in one place, from plants to plastic toys. 

Watch Thailand’s most spectacular stage show, Siam Niramit. More than 100 performers dance you through the country’s past with dazzling scenes showcasing traditional Thai performing arts.  

Rejuvenate with a traditional Thai massage at the Watpo Traditional Massage School. Wat Po is where the massage was first developed and you’ll even find its guiding principles – focused on the manipulation of pressure points – set in stone on the temple grounds.

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Source: IntellicastLocal weather - 5 day forecast
  • Sun 05 July
    high 34C (93F)
    low 27C (81F)
  • Mon 06 July
    high 34C (93F)
    low 27C (80F)
  • Tue 07 July
    high 34C (94F)
    low 27C (81F)
  • Wed 08 July
    high 34C (93F)
    low 27C (80F)
  • Thu 09 July
    high 34C (93F)
    low 26C (79F)
  • Country information

    Capital city specifics: Bangkok

    Population: 63,525,062 approx.

    Languages: Thai & English

    Electricity: 220V/50Hz (flat, two pronged plugs)

    Duty free allowance: 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of cigars or smoking tobacco; and 1 litre of alcoholic beverages.

    Airport information

    Suvarnabhumi Airport

    Timezone (GMT):GMT +7

    Average temp (celsius):29

    Distance to town (km):25km

    Coach/Taxi fare:THB 45 / THB 840 approx.

    Lounges:Level 3 Concourse A