Nagoya Restaurants

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This central well-heeled steakhouse is relatively pricey but you pay for the exceptional quality of the meat and ingredients served. Katana dry their own meat on site in a special maturation storehouse. The 50-day dry aging process results in enhanced tenderness and packs the meat with aroma and flavour. An array of cuts is available, as well as plenty of alternatives to red meat. For example, the butter-grilled fresh ezo abalone with steamed kelp in a special liver sauce is divine. But the star here is undoubtedly the steak.

Insider Tip:
Treat yourself and splash out on the traditional banquet dinner; a smorgasbord of delicious dishes created with seasonal ingredients and served with sake.




Just a five-minute walk from the Sakae or Fushimi subway stations, Sayumi is a popular izakaya. It has a reputation for employing pretty waitresses who are clad in kimonos but that is not the sole reason for its popularity – the food is also top quality authentic Nagoyan fare prepared by artisan chefs using local ingredients.
For less than 5,000 yen try the Nomihodai offer, which allows unlimited drinks for 90 minutes with your food. The young boiled sardine and Daikon radish salad is
recommended, as is the typical Nagoyan dish of skewered pork cutlet with miso sauce.

Insider Tip:
The “Jet Black” chicken wings can only be found at Sayuri and must be tried once. At least.


Layer’s Burgers


A short stroll from Hisayaodori station, Layer’s Burgers is the ideal place to feed the occasional overwhelming desire to demolish a gourmet hamburger. The Japanese owner lived in Australia for many years and uses top grade Australian beef combined with Japanese Hida beef to hand-make his burgers. Layers is the name and layers is what you get – the Layer’s Special Burger comprises two juicy beef patties topped by bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, egg, onion, tomato and pineapple, all drizzled with a rich BBQ sauce and served with french fries and crispy onion rings. Naughty but undeniably nice.

Insider Tip:
The second floor can now be privately booked for special parties and functions, so rather than be alone in your guilty pleasure, assemble a gang of friends to share the sin.
3-8-26 Marunouchi, Nakaku




It’s not only the name that is a mouthful; the many dishes in this Kappo restaurant will have the same effect. “Kappo” effectively means fine dining, but at a counter. Shusai Omotenashi Jinya is all about serving Japanese cuisine with a twist. The sake here is top grade and there is also a private dining room for up to 16 people. It’s only a one-minute walk from the central Sakae and Sakaemachi subway stations, and provides a calm escape from the city whirl outside.

Insider Tip: Nagoya cochin chicken is famous for being juicy and tender having been raised for a long period. Focus on these dishes as they are the best in the area.
Oonoya Building 1F, 3-24-27, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Tel: 81 52 962 8088