In-flight Connectivity

Stay connected when you're on board

Availability of In-flight Wi-Fi

In-flight connectivity is offered on all our aircraft except for Boeing 737-800 NG.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi is offered to passengers travelling in Suites, First Class, Business Class, PPS Club members and supplementary cardholders, and KrisFlyer members.

PPS and supplementary card holders

KrisFlyer member

Non-KrisFlyer member

Suites / First Class


Business Class

Premium Economy Class


Not applicable.

Join KrisFlyer and enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi or purchase a Wi-Fi plan!

Economy Class


Here’s how you can enjoy your Complimentary Wi-Fi:

Before Your Flight


Add your KrisFlyer number to your booking via 'Manage Booking’ on, SingaporeAir mobile app, or inform the check-in counter staff of your details.

Not a KrisFlyer member yet? You can sign up here, then add your KrisFlyer number to your booking.

During Your Flight


Connect in two simple steps: 

Step 1: Connect to the KrisWorld network.

Step 2: To enjoy unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi, enter your details in the 'Complimentary Wi-Fi' section on the in-flight Wi-Fi portal.

For more details, refer to the in-flight Wi-Fi card that can be found in the seatback pocket, or the Wi-Fi video on KrisWorld TV > ‘Singapore Airlines’.

Enjoy free unlimited Wi-Fi across all cabin classes!

Wi-Fi Plans

Purchase a plan that fits your needs. 

Wi-Fi plans are only valid on the flight sector on which the purchase was made. For example, on a Singapore – Tokyo (Narita) – Los Angeles flight, if a purchase is made during the Singapore – Tokyo (Narita) sector, the Wi-Fi plan cannot be carried over to the Tokyo (Narita) – Los Angeles sector. 



1-hour Surf Plan

1 hour of continuous Wi-Fi access. The plan cannot be paused.

USD 3.99

3-hour Surf Plan

3 hours of continuous Wi-Fi access. The plan cannot be paused.

USD 8.99

Full Flight Surf Plan

Stay connected for the entire flight!

USD 15.99

The in-flight Wi-Fi price plans are subject to change. Do refer to our in-flight Wi-Fi portal for the latest price plans and promotions.


In-flight Wi-Fi speed & experience

Wi-Fi Speed and Coverage

In-flight Wi-Fi is available when the aircraft is above 10,000 feet.

Wi-Fi speed and experience differ from ground network.

Due to satellite coverage and regulatory requirements, Wi-Fi will not be available when the aircraft is flying over India, Iran and Turkey airspace on the Airbus A380 and A350-900 Medium Haul aircraft, as well as selected Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Optimising your Wi-Fi Usage

  • Enable low data/power mode.
  • Avoid bandwidth intensive activities such as gaming and transferring sizable files. Streaming is not supported.
  • Disable media auto-download.
  • Disable software/app update, cloud backups, and background app refresh.
  • For a safe browsing experience, customers are advised to use HTTPS secured websites, and to be aware of any browser warnings or phishing links.

Please note that connectivity services may not be available on some of the flights operated by Singapore Airlines due to unforeseen circumstances including (but not limited to) weather conditions, territorial regulations, satellite coverage, equipment changes and technical issues. For passengers who had purchased a Wi-Fi plan, Singapore Airlines’ liability shall be limited to the sum paid by the passenger for the Wi-Fi plan. In any other case, Singapore Airlines shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, any disruption or unavailability of such services.

In-flight Texting (SMS) and Data Roaming

Once you’re at cruising altitude on board a Wi-Fi-enabled aircraft, you can connect to the internet via your mobile phone network if your operator has a roaming agreement with Aeromobile or OnAir.

Do note that charges will apply when you are using mobile data roaming. These are charged by your mobile operator, and will be reflected in your mobile phone bill.

Here’s how you can use mobile data roaming on board:

1. Connect to Aeromobile/OnAir

Turn off flight mode, enable roaming, and
connect to the ‘Aeromobile’ or ‘OnAir’mobile network.

2. Wait for an SMS

You’ll receive a welcome message to notify you
that mobile services are available.

3. You’re connected!

You can now send and receive text messages,
emails, and browse the internet on your device.

Popular FAQs

In-flight Wi-Fi does not support streaming. Apps such as Disney+ / Netflix / Viu / Hulu / YouTube, etc. will not function while using the Wi-Fi.

Voice calls are not supported, and this includes voice calls using internet protocol such as WhatsApp call, Messenger call, etc.

The in-flight Wi-Fi may be unavailable due to:

  • weather conditions,
  • aircraft may not have reached cruising altitude (e.g. above 10,000 feet),
  • aircraft may be flying over a country that has not authorised this service,
  • onboard system may be experiencing technical difficulties,
  • aircraft may be flying over region with no connectivity (e.g. polar region).