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Games and apps

Games and apps

Explore the latest games and apps available on our inflight entertainment system!


Web-based games

Enjoy web-based gaming on your personal electronic devices. Indulge in our latest games from the comfort of your seat via your personal electronic devices. Select from a choice of 10 entertaining games including Blakcjack, Puzzle Ball, and Super Jump.

Here's how to access:
1. Enable WiFi on your device and connect to the 'KrisWorld' network.
2. Enter to start gaming!

If a portal pop-up appears, close the pop-up by selecting 'Cancel' and 'Use without Internet' for iOS users; or select the menu icon and 'Keep Connection' for Android users.

The infiight WiFi connectivity experience is subject to factors such as the number of concurrent users, satellite coverage, and weather conditions. Access to inflight gaming is complimentary and will not deplete your inflight WiFi data plan. 

Here's the list of games available:

Genres Games
Action Super Jump
Fruit Blade
Travel Hop
Airport Run
Arcade Koala Sling
Power Badminton
Snake Challenge
Brain Onet Connect
Don't Jeopardize This!
Wild Memory Match



Seatback games are not available on selected Airbus A350 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft and cabin classes.