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Frequently Asked Questions

Your travel insurance basics

What is Singapore Airlines Travel Insurance?

Singapore Airlines Travel Insurance is a travel insurance product exclusively designed for Singapore Airlines passengers. It protects you from unexpected events during your trip which include medical expense, personal accident, travel inconvenience, life-style and value-add benefits.

This product – underwritten by AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited – is only available on

Who can purchase Singapore Airlines Travel Insurance?

Singapore Airlines Travel Insurance is available to:

1. Passengers who are aged 75 or below.

2. Passengers who are flying out of Hong Kong.

3. Passengers who are traveling for not more than 182 days

How can I apply for Singapore Airlines Travel Insurance?

This Singapore Airlines Travel Insurance is only available on for Hong Kong-originating flights. You can purchase Travel Insurance while booking your flight on or through Manage Booking  on if you have already purchased your flights.

I’m traveling to multiple destinations on Singapore Airlines, will I be able to purchase travel insurance?

Yes, you’ll be able to purchase insurance. We will take your furthest destination to determine the most appropriate travel insurance plan for your itinerary.

I’m only traveling one-way on Singapore Airlines, will I be able to purchase travel insurance?

Yes, you’re eligible to purchase insurance. One-way flights will be considered as a day-trip and you will be able to enjoy all our comprehensive benefits while you are in transit.

Your travel insurance benefits

When does my travel insurance coverage begin & end?

Your travel insurance coverage begins and ends based on the type of trip you are taking.

  • If you are traveling one-way, your coverage begins upon check-in for your departure flight from Hong Kong and ends upon your arrival of your Singapore Airlines flight’s at the country of destination.
  • If you are traveling round-trip, your coverage begins upon check-in for your departure flight from Hong Kong and ends upon the arrival of your return flight to Hong Kong.

Note that coverage under your Trip Cancellation and Trip Postponement Benefits begin 90 days prior to your departure.

What benefits are available under this travel insurance plan?

We offer these outstanding benefits and features:

Benefits described below are subject to the full terms and conditions of this travel insurance policy.

  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
    Round-the-clock assistance for medical emergencies provided by Travel Guard.
  • Emergency Medical Expense & Assistance Benefits
    We cover your medical bills (up to HK$800,000 for travel within Asia and up to HK$3,800,000 for travel outside of Asia) if you get sick or encounter an accident while traveling abroad.
  • Overseas Hospital Income
    This benefit provides daily cash payments if you’re confined in a hospital overseas.
  • Evacuation & Repatriation
    This helps you get back home to your loved ones if something happens to you on your trip.
  • Compassionate Visit & Child Guard
    These benefits help pay for your loved one to visit you or for sending your child back home if you’re hospitalised overseas for an extended period.
  • Follow-up Treatment in Hong Kong
    Takes care of your follow-up medical treatment upon your return to Hong Kong.
  • Personal Accident Benefit
    This benefit will provide a lump sum cash payment if you suffer a fatal accident or a permanent disability due to an accident during your trip.
  • Journey Cancellation & Postponement
    This covers the non-refundable cost of your trip or additional administrative charges to postpone your trip if you have to cancel your trip due to insurable reasons such as death or serious injury of your family member.
  • Journey Curtailment
    This covers the unused portion of your trip and additional travel fare and accommodation if you have to cut short your trip.
  • Journey Re-arrangement
    This covers additional travel fare and accommodation for continuation of the traveling when your trip is interrupted by increment weather or natural disaster, etc.
  • Personal Baggage
    Covers the loss of, or damage to, your luggage while you are traveling overseas.
  • Travel Delay
    Compensates you financially for the time you spend on waiting for a re-scheduled Singapore Airlines flight.
  • Baggage Delay
    Reimburse the expenses for the purchase your necessities when your luggage is delayed by Singapore Airlines flight.
  • Travel Documents
    Covers the replacement cost of the lost document and additional travel expenses required for the replacement.
  • Personal Liability
    Covers you against liability to third parties or damage to their property due to your negligence.
  • Golf Advantage
    Covers damage or loss of golfing equipment and also covers your entertainment expense if you sink a hole-in-one!
  • Emergency Telephone Charges
    Reimburses your telephone charges if you have to call our 24/7 Emergency Assistance Hotline.
  • Automatic Extension of Policy Cover
    Extends your policy for free if you need to stay longer overseas due to hospitalization or quarantine.
  • Home Guard
    Protects the contents of your home due to fire if it was left vacant for the full duration of your trip.
  • Rental Car Excess
    Pays for the insurance excess of your rental car if you are involved in an accident.

All the all benefits are subject to the exclusions of Singapore Airlines Travel Insurance policy which can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here. The main general exclusions (applicable to all sections of coverage) include:

*War, civil war, invasion, insurrection, revolution, use of military power or usurpation of government or military power

*Riding or driving in any kind of motor racing, competition, and Insured Person’s participation in any professional sports to earn remuneration

*Suicide, self-inflicted injury, self-exposure to needless peril

*Childbirth and pregnancy; mental, nervous or sleeping disorders, insanity; alcoholism or drug addiction

*Any Pre-Existing Condition

*Any loss arising from Terrorist Act - except for Section 1 (Emergency Medical Expenses and Assistance) and Section 2 (Personal Accident)

*Excluded Countries: Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea or the Crimea region

*Any Terrorist or member of a terrorist organization, narcotics trafficker, or purveyor of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons

Will I be covered for hospital and other related expenses if I get sick during my trip?

Yes! You’ll be covered for sickness-related medical expenses while you are overseas. To learn more about your medical expenses benefit, please view the full terms and conditions of your policy.

Can I continue my medical treatment in Hong Kong?

Yes! If you received medical treatment overseas, you can continue medical treatment in Hong Kong when you return – up to HK$40,000 within 3 months of your return to Hong Kong.

Can I add travel insurance to my booking if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes! You can still add travel insurance to your booking even if you have a pre-existing condition. However, these pre-existing medical conditions would be excluded from our coverage. For more details, please view the full terms and conditions of your policy.

Can I cancel my Singapore Airlines flight booking for any reason and get a full refund of my air fare because of the Trip Cancellation Benefit in my policy?

The Trip Cancellation, Postponement and Curtailment benefits in your policy only cover the non-refundable portion of your air fare and other trip costs if you have to cancel, postpone or cut short your trip due to valid insurance reasons. This includes serious sickness or death in your family that would prohibit you from continuing with your trip. To learn more about this benefit, please view the full terms and conditions of your policy.

After purchasing your policy

Where can I get the full Policy Wordings of my travel insurance policy?

Your Policy Wordings are available on this Website. Click here to view or download your Policy Wordings in PDF Format.

What should I do if I did not receive my policy confirmation email?

Please e-mail us at with your policy number (if available), full name, flight booking number, travel dates, date of purchase, and e-mail address or call our customer service hotline at (+852) 3666 7022 ((Mon-Fri) 9am - 6pm). AIG would resend the policy confirmation to you shortly.

I’ve updated my Singapore Airlines flight booking. How can I change the details of my travel insurance policy?

Please don’t forget to contact us to make the corresponding changes to your travel insurance policy. You can send us an e-mail us at or call our Customer Service Hotline at (+852) 3666 7022 ((Mon-Fri) 9am - 6pm).

I’ve updated my travel insurance policy but I can’t see the insurance policy changes when reviewing my itinerary on What should I do?

The Singapore Airlines Website does not reflect the latest status of your policy. Please refer to the latest policy change confirmation sent by AIG Hong Kong for the most updated version of your policy.

Can I cancel my travel insurance policy and receive a refund?

Yes, you may request for cancellations to your policy as long as the request is done prior to your original departure date.

If you wish to cancel your policy, please email AIG at, or call AIG Customer Service Hotline at +852 3666 7022 (Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm).

Let us take care of you

What should I do if I get sick or encounter an accident abroad?

Please call our 24-hour Travel Guard’s Emergency Assistance Hotline (+852) 3516 8699 and we will ensure that you get the necessary assistance.

If you require medical treatment, please make sure that you keep original copies of your receipts when you return to Hong Kong for claims submission.

How do I file for a claim?

To file a claim, you can download our Notice of Claim Form online and follow the simple instructions included in the document. For questions about your claim, please e-mail us at or call our Customer Service Hotline at (+852) 3666 7022.

Please be mindful that you need to file your claim no later than thirty (30) days after the occurrence of the claimable event.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

*This travel insurance product is underwritten by AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited (AIGHK). AIGHK is a licensed insurer authorized to carry on general insurance business in Hong Kong. Singapore Airlines Limited is a travel insurance agent appointed by AIGHK. Copyright © 2018. All rights reserved.