Singapore Airlines

Suites and First Class – Flight from Tokyo

Suites and First Class – Flight from Tokyo

Crusted rack of lamb with yoghurt sauce and sautéed mixed vegetables

Lobster Thermidor with buttered zucchini, carrots, and pilaff rice with mixed peppers

Pan-fried sea bass wrapped with potato, served with red-vinegar sauce and white beans

Roast beef and mustard baguettes with seasonal salad

Roasted game hen in mushroom and sherry-vinegar sauce with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes

Seared sea bream with maitake mushroom and herb-flavoured tomato sauce, boiled squid, and baby leeks

Veal loin stuffed with leek and taleggio cheese in a white wine and porcini mushroom sauce with fettuccine

Asian style chicken noodle soup

Beef Sukiyaki with steamed rice

Fried chicken Kara-age with salad and steamed rice

Japanese style simmered fish topped with grated yam sauce and rice

Nigiri Sushi (items are served at cabin temperature)

Japanese Healthy Breakfast (Breakfast only)