Singapore Airlines Academy

At Singapore Airlines, our focus on people development and investment in training is the key to achieving world-class standards. 

Taking You to Greater Heights

Award-winning hospitality and service

For over 70 years, Singapore Airlines has been renowned for creating memorable experiences through our award-winning hospitality and service. Drawing upon our leading expertise in service, operations, innovation and digital, we empower your employees with the knowledge and skills to unlock their full potential in their roles.

Programmes Tailored for You

Virtual and in-person programmes

We continually seek to push boundaries in what matters for our customers, bringing the latest and best practises to our programmes.

Available in both virtual or in-person formats, each programme harnesses proven instructional methods and valuable insight to meet your business requirements. Packed with key takeaways, our programmes are easily adaptable to nearly any organisation, regardless of sector.

Certified in-house instructors and facilitators
Certified in-house instructors and facilitators, who possess extensive front-line and training experience, will deliver practical yet inspiring learning for your team.

Their passion for excellence and first-hand experience make all learning journeys with us meaningful.

Explore Our Learning Solutions

Organisations and business leaders in a wide variety of industries have sought the expertise of the Singapore Airlines Academy - from logistics, hospitality, retail, and food & beverage, to healthcare, banking & finance, automotive, education and more.

Discover how you can embark on a learning journey with us.

Singapore Airlines Academy Learning Solutions

Service Excellence Programmes

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Innovation and Digital Programmes

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Operational Excellence Programmes

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