Business Class Inflight Entertainment

Business Class – A380

Business Class Cabin Seats Designed to Sit back and All the way back

Sit back, all the way back

Handstitched full grain leather by Poltrona Frau. A seat that seamlessly reclines into a bed. And sculpted wings that support you while lounging, then flatten for the perfect night’s rest. So you can go from boardroom to bedroom at the push of a button.

Business Class Cabin Seats Designed to Be Alone, Together

Be alone, together

Centre seats come with a personal divider that spans the entire length of the seat. Raise it all the way to enjoy some private me-time. Bring it to mid-level to chat with a friend or lower it completely to create two fully flat beds. A space of your own. Or for two.

Business Class Cabin Seats Designed Everything within reach

Everything within reach

One seat, multiple stowage compartments. Tuck your cabin luggage under the seat in front of you. Place your laptop or handbag well within arm’s reach. Think of it as your corner office. Only with a much better view.

Business Class Cabin Seats Designed Entertainment with a personal touch

Entertainment with a personal touch

An 18” touchscreen monitor in high definition paired with noise-cancelling headphones. A cutting-edge system that saves* your playlists and preferences for future flights. And over 1,000 entertainment options, from Hollywood to Bollywood and everything in between. You’ll want to be seated for this.

*Simply sign in to your KrisFlyer account to enjoy this feature on board supported flights. Join KrisFlyer here if you are not already a member.

Business Class Cabin Seats Designed New Light that Brighten your personalized space

Travel in a new light

A reading light by your seat that swivels, brightens and dims. And another for when you want to read before bedtime. So you’ll always have the right lighting to read, watch movies or simply snooze.

Business Class that Treat your tastebuds and your eyes

Treat your tastebuds and your eyes

A world class meal deserves an equally peerless setting. Personalise dinnertime with our Book the Cook meal options, served on the finest porcelain from Narumi, and paired with champagne and wines from the finest vineyards around the world.

You can preview your in-flight food, beverage, amenity and snack offerings before your flight via our digital in-flight menu up to eight days before your flight.
Alternatively, you may also view your menu on board by connecting to our on board Wi-Fi to scan the QR code found in the KrisWorld entertainment system. Access to the inflight menu onboard is complimentary and will not deplete your inflight Wi-Fi plan
*Wi-Fi is available on board on all aircraft except the Boeing 737-800NG.

Luxury inspired selection of toiletries from Penhaligon

Cruise in greater comfort

Get comfortable with your own pair of slippers and eyeshades on longer flights. Then rejuvenate yourself mid-flight with an inspired selection of toiletries from Penhaligon’s in our dedicated Business Class lavatories.

Business Class – A380

Available on our Airbus A380 aircraft

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