International Culinary Panel Chefs for Business Class for Zurich

Business Class

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Braised Wu Xi Pork Ribs

Moist pork ribs marinated and braised in Wu Xi sauce, served with jasmine rice and with Chinese vegetables.

Wholesome Veal Fillet with Morel-Pea Veloute, Potato Mash with Lovage and Fried Carrots

A colorful dish with a balanced nutritional quotient of healthy carbohydrates and cholesterol lowering fiber from vegetables, along with muscle enhancing protein from succulent veal.

Swiss Roesti with Smoked Salmon (Breakfast only)

Fresh and crispy Swiss roesti served with smoked salmon and chives crème fraiche.

Breakfast Cold Platter (Breakfast only)

Cold Platter with Swiss air-dried beef, Swiss cheese, melon, pumpernickel bread and cottage cheese.

Squash Chestnut Stew

With yellow mini patisson, green mini zucchini, carrot and spaetzle. Served with sour cream chives.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Steamed chicken on aromatic rice cooked in chicken stock served with dark soy sauce and chilli sauce. Accompanied by cucumber and tomato slices.