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Premium Economy - Flights from Frankfurt

Premium Economy

Book the Cook menu from Frankfurt - Due to COVID-19 outbreak, our Book the Cook service is currently not available for flights from Frankfurt.

Beef Rendang with Rice

Beef rendang with steamed Jasmine rice and sayur lodeh.

Pork Wuxi Noodles

Pork Wuxi with fried beehoon and mixed vegetables.

Prawns with Stir Fried Noodles

Stir fried noodles in ginger sauce with scampi and vegetables.

Beef Roulade in Mustard Sauce

Beef roulade in mustard pommery sauce, potato mash and carrots.

Salmon Fillet in Dill Bechamel Sauce

Salmon fillet with dill béchamel sauce, parsley potatoes, carrots and beans.

Chicken Ragout with Basmati Rice

Chicken ragout in mushroom-tarragon sauce served with basmati rice, carrots and leek.

Pork Char Siew with Stir Fried Noodles (only available for Breakfast)

Braised barbeque pork with hoisin sauce served with Chinese egg noodles and vegetables.

Egg Soufflé with Beef Sausage (only available for Breakfast)

Egg soufflé with tomato and cheese, beef sausage, spinach and potato cubes.

German Breakfast (only available for Breakfast)

Cold cuts, cheese (Tilsiter & Camembert) and half-boiled egg served with wholemeal bread.