Suites and First Class – Book The Cook Menu from Los Angeles

Suites and First Class

Book the Cook menu from Los Angeles

Angus Beef Burger

Angus beef burger with apple wood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, thousand island dressing, and cheddar cheese. Serve with country fries.

Pan Roasted Veal Chop

Wild mushroom ragout with potato and lardon, vegetable medley and veal jus.

Boursin Cheese Omelete (only available for breakfast)

Boursin cheese filled omelet, hash brown potatoes, apple wood smoked bacon and oven roasted tomatoes.

Grilled Salmon with Yuzu Sauce

Grilled salmon fillet with tamago, seasonal vegetables and furikake yukari shiso and flavoured Japanese rice.

Seafood Congee with Chinese Cruller

Plain congee with poached shrimp, steamed chilean seabass and steamed scallop. Serve with chinese cruller doughnut.

Wanton and Char Siew Pork Noodle

Egg noodle in rich broth, honey roasted pork, prawn-pork dumplings, leafy greens.

Chicken Rice

Perfectly poached chicken served on long grain rice cooked in chicken broth. Accompanied with dark soya sauce, grated tangy ginger and chilli sauce.

Lobster Ee Fu Noodles

Cantonese style fried lobster in ginger-scallion sauce, lightly braised ee fu noodle with vegetables.

Herbal Pork Ribs Soup

Pork ribs in a clear and herby soup simmered with garlic and spices, served with steamed rice, braised peanut, Chinese cruller and salted vegetable.