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Premium Economy

Book the Cook menu from Tokyo (Haneda)

Herb Crusted Chicken 

Roasted herb crusted chicken served with mustard sauce, seasonal vegetables and sauteed potatoes.

Fluffy Pancake with Scrambled Egg

Fluffy pancake served with maple syrup, scrambled egg and bacon.

Penne Pasta

Penne pasta tossed with vegetables, tomato sauce and pesto sauce.

Hamburg with Butter rice

Beef meat patty steak served with mushroom sauce, seasonal vegetables and butter rice.

Yaki Soba

Japanese style fried noodle with sliced pork and vegetables garnishes with pickled ginger and seaweed powder.


Seafood in yuzu pepper cream sauce served with broccoli, saffron rice and parmesan cheese.

Tori Teriyaki

Grilled chicken with soya sauce glaced served with seasonal vegetables and flavoured rice.

Unagi Kabayaki with steamed rice

Grilled eel with light sweet soya glaced on steamed rice garnished with shishito pepper and egg julienne.

Seafood Hokkien Mee

Singapore style braised noodle with seafood, egg and beansprout served with sambal.

Soya Sauce Chicken with Rice

Chicken thigh poached in spiced soya sauce served with leafy greens, carrot and chilli sauce.