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Customer service and claims

Below are some useful contact details for your information:

Emergency Medical Assistance Hotline

For emergency assistance, please call 24-hour Emergency Assistance Hotline at

  • For Excluding Americas Policies: Call: +603-8991-2013 or +603-8991-2014 (Toll Worldwide)
  • For the Americas Policies: Call: +1-866-866-2620 (Toll Free within US & Canada) : +1-817-826-7018 (Reverse Charge/Collect from other places)


Dedicated Customer Service Hotline

For insurance-related enquiries, or changes to your policy, please email TATA-AIG at or call TATA-AIG 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at Toll Free No. 1800 266 7780 from BSNL/MTNL Landline or 1800 22 9966 (only for senior citizen policy holders)


1. How do I report a claim?
Contact the below numbers and a representative will review your situation with you and will explain exactly what type of information we will require in order to be able to process your claim. You will then need to fax or mail the claim form with the additional documentation needed. You can contact our Assistance Company – AIG Travel Assist through:

For Excluding Americas Policies:
Call: +603-8991-2013 or +603-8991-2014 (Toll Worldwide)
Email (assistance):
Email (claims):

For the Americas Policies:

Please Call: +1-866-866-2620 (Toll Free within US & Canada)
                 : +1-817-826-7018 (Reverse Charge/Collect from other places)

While in India, contact at below numbers for any claim related assistance -
Call these local helpline numbers in your respective cities from any other line:
Mumbai - 66939500, Delhi – 66603500, Bangalore – 66500001, Pune – 66014156, Chennai – 66841050, Hyderabad – 66629882, Ahmedabad - 66610201

2. How long is the claim processing time?
We aim to process claims within 15 working days of you submitting all of the required documentation (for reimbursement claims).

3. What is the time limit for lodging a claim?
Completed claim forms and written evidence of loss must be furnished to us within thirty (30) Days after the date of such loss. Failure to furnish such evidence within the time required shall not invalidate nor reduce any claim if you can satisfy us that it was not reasonably possible for you to give proof within such time. The Company may accept claims where documents have been provided after a delayed interval only in special circumstances and for the reasons beyond the control of the insured.

4. What do I do if I disagree with the claims decision made?
Please contact the local insurance company mentioned in the policy wording.

5. Can I contact travel claims if I wish to amend or cancel my travel itinerary?
No, travel claims will only assist you with your claim if you have cancelled or cut short your trip.

6. Can I lodge a claim if Singapore Airlines has cancelled my flight?
No, Travel Insurance does not cover a claim if the airline cancels the flight.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

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