Visas and immigration requirements

Visas and immigration requirements

Each passenger must hold a valid passport (and visa(s), if required) to be allowed entry into each destination on the flight itinerary. We cannot be held responsible if a passenger is denied entry and/or deported by any local authority.

To find out the regulations applicable to your journey, use the visa and immigration information application here for the most up-to-date information. 

If you require a visa* or are eligible for an electronic visa, you can apply through our partner, VisaCentral. Please note that VisaCentral service fees are applicable per application and exclusive of GST, Consular fees and third party fees.


Apply for a visa


* The application service by VisaCentral is available for selected countries.

Verification requirements

Identity screening is required upon arrival at these countries:


Regulations for disinsection

Some countries require the passenger cabins of all aircraft to be treated with insecticides prior to arrival.

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Travelling to Bali

From 14 February 2024, international tourists travelling to Bali are required to pay a one-time levy before their arrival, unless exempted.

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Travelling to New Zealand

From 1 October 2019, all visitors to New Zealand must possess either a valid Visa (for passport holders from non-visa waiver countries) or a NZeTA (for passport holders from visa waiver countries and Australian Permanent Residents).

Approval for the NZeTA may take up to 72 hours.

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Travelling to Thailand

Currently, visitors to Thailand from 19 countries must obtain a visa on arrival.

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Travelling to Vietnam

Visitors who are nationals of countries with visa waiver arrangements (specifically South Korea, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, UK (does not apply for British National Overseas), Italy, Germany, Spain, Belarus and France), are required to apply for a visa if they are returning to Vietnam within 30 days from their last visa-free visit.

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Travelling to the UK

Short-term students (studying up to 6 months) from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, the USA, Singapore and South Korea need to see a Border Force officer at passport control to get a short-term student stamp in their passport.

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Travelling to the US

Currently, 36 countries are participating in the Visa Waiver Program.

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