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Business Class – Flight from Munich

Business Class

Book the Cook menu from Munich - Due to COVID-19 outbreak, our Book the Cook service is currently not available for flights from Munich.


Lemon Pepper Prawns

Grilled lemon peppered king prawns with grilled vegetables, lemon butter and saffron rice

Steamed Arctic Char Roulade

Fish roulade with pappardelle, grilled green zucchini and turned carrot, served with grapefruit sauce

Prime Beef Fillet

Pan-fried prime beef fillet with homemade herb butter, grilled tomato topped with fresh parsley, and green beans wrapped in roasted bacon. Served with oven-baked potato

Multigrain Bread with Yoghurt

Toasted multigrain country bread with herb cottage cheese, grilled vegetables, and fresh berries low fat yoghurt

Wild Herb and Fresh Vegetable Salad

Dandelion, yarrow, mustard leaves, kale, asparagus, roasted artichoke hearts, chervil and coriander in Mediterranean balsamic olive oil vinaigrette, with a herbed French baguette and mushroom

'Coq au Vin' style Chicken Supreme with Endive Gratin

Pan-roasted free range chicken breast in red wine sauce, accompanied by pearl onions, baby carrots, button mushrooms, fine beans and endives gratin


Veal Escalope "Tegernsee style"

Mustard-breaded veal cutlet with baby carrots, pea puree and grilled baby pumpkin


Wanton and Chicken Noodle Soup

An Asian noodle soup with carrots, choy sum, shitake mushroom and wanton stuffed with shrimp


Duck in Thai Red Curry

Duck cooked in Thai red curry sauce, served with steamed rice