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Suites and First Class – Book The Cook Menu from Hong Kong

Suites and First Class

Book the Cook menu from Hong Kong - Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our Book the Cook service will not be available for flights from Hong Kong.

Grilled Salmon with Braised Green Peas

Grilled salmon with braised green peas, artichoke, onion and fried potatoes.

Grilled Veal with Jus and Roasted Vegetables

Grilled veal with jus, roasted green zucchini with yellow squash, and deep-fried potatoes.

Lobster Thermidor and Mashed Potatoes

Lobster Thermidor with buttered asparagus, red capsicum, baby yellow squash, and mashed potatoes.

Braised Abalone and Mushroom

Braised abalone and mushroom in oyster sauce with flat noodles.

Lobster Wanton Soup

Lobster wanton soup with E-Fu noodles and Chinese greens.

Chicken and Scallop Congee

Sliced chicken breast and scallops in rice congee with spring onion, ginger and shallot (Breakfast only)

Gindara Teriyaki

Gindara teriyaki (black cod) with Japanese seasonal vegetable rice and mixed vegetables

Available until 30 November 2019

Teriyaki Cod Fillet

Japanese style teriyaki cod fillet, accompanied by seasonal vegetables. Served with steamed rice, assorted Japanese pickles and miso soup on side

Available from 1 November 2019 onwards

Panfried Stuffed Prawn

Panfried stuffed prawn with oriental sauce served with mixed vegetables and steamed rice.

Panfried Lamb Rack with Mustard Rosemary Sauce

Panfried lamb rack with mustard rosemary sauce, vegetables and potato.

Wok Fried Black Pepper Beef

Wok fried black pepper beef with sautéed asparagus and egg fried rice.

Pan-fried Cornfed Chicken Breast

Pan-fried cornfed chicken breast with balsamic sauce and assorted vegetables.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese chicken rice served with vegetables, Hainanese soya sauce, ginger and spring onion sauce and chilli sauce.