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PPS Club

Regardless of your location, you will be able to use the PPS Connect service number +6591848888 to contact us. When you are traveling, the callback will be an incoming call to you so you’ll only bear the incoming call charges instead of outgoing ones. 

Compose a text message in this format: PPS <space> <PPS Club membership number> and send it to +6591848888. An example of a completed text message would read “PPS 8012345678”.

Upon receiving your request for a callback, we will send you an auto-acknowledgement text message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

For PPS Club members, you can also access PPS Connect service through the SingaporeAir Mobile app. This service is also available to supplementary cardholders as well.

Please click on the side menu of your SingaporeAir Mobile app and select ‘KrisFlyer’ from the drop-down list. You can access the PPS Connect service by clicking on the ‘Request a call back with PPS Connect’ button.

No, the system will only accept callback requests from mobile numbers that are updated in your PPS Club membership profile.

Yes, this service is also available to supplementary cardholders.

We will attempt to contact you a second time. If we are unsuccessful on both attempts to contact you, we will notify you via a text message. If this happens, please submit another callback request to us either via the SingaporeAir Mobile app or via a text message.

You will require a 3G mobile device to be able to use this service when in Japan or Korea.

No, the PPS Connect service number +6591848888 can only receive text messages and not voice calls.

Sorry, we currently only offer the PPS Connect service in English and we are not able to provide this service in other languages.

 The PPS Connect callback service is only available through the mobile number from which you have submitted the callback request.

In some countries such as China, India and the United States, auto-acknowledgement text messages cannot be sent from the PPS Connect number (+6591848888) due to local regulations.

However, PPS Club members will be able to identify the auto-acknowledgement text messages by the “PPSConnect:” preface at the beginning of the auto-acknowledgement text message.

We have enhanced our system such that all PPS Club members are automatically eligible for PPS Connect service. You no longer have to complete a one-time registration to use this service.

PPS Connect service is exclusively for PPS Club members and Solitaire PPS Club supplementary cardholders only. 

To nominate a Solitaire PPS Club supplementary cardholder, please log in to your KrisFlyer account and click on Profile, followed by Forms, to retrieve and fill up a copy of the application form.


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